JLee Training Log Vol1

Good morning.
Starting a log. Nothing fancy. No witty title.
Starting weight 230
Height 6.0
Age 42
BF% 22ish

Goal: Retain muscle while decreasing BF.
Got carried away during the winter bulk and got up to 250 and have been dieting down since March.
Currently consuming 2400 calories (weighed out)

I meal prep every 3 to 4 days so these calories will stay constant until Monday.

Currently taking:
Test P 100 EOD
NPP 100 3x a week
Tbol 50 split ED
Hcg 250 2x a week
Glutathione 200mg daily while taking orals
Vitamin D
Fish Oil


Chest and Shoulders:

Nautilus Flat bench machine 3 working sets
DB Incline Press 4 sets w/ drop set
BB Decline bench 3 sets supersetted w/ cable flys

Lying lateral raises 4 sets
Upright rows 3 sets superset / DB front raise
DB Shoulder press 4 sets (25,25,20,20)

Cable overhead tricep ext. 3 sets to near failure.


I’ve only got one thing to say… bout time! Hahaha

This is good.

Following for sure.


So you don’t really want to drop much lower than 230 lbs bw? Just rearrange some areas.

The actual body weight is not that important as losing the fat. I would prefer to stay around 220. That’s where I’m pretty comfortable but we’ll see where I end up at the end of 12 weeks.


I hear ya. At your age you’re getting ready to cross over to where “ how you feel” is going to be big.

Me personally, I’ve lowered my feel good weight from 220 to where I’m at now 206. It was a good decision for me.

Your body will thank you for keeping any excess weight off.

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You’re a smart man. You’re very healthy and have a plan to stay that way.

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The lowest I’ve been is 190. I looked like I was dying of AIDS. Felt like it too. Worked my way back up to 205-210 which was ok.


Thank you sir

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Hell. Yes. Excited to folllw this.


I don’t care about the title im definitely along for the ride brother
I look forward to seeing this log

I really like the cycle you put together prop eod your going to grow like a weed


Damn brother your very close to my stats I never realized I really look forward to how this trets you


This is going to be a good log.


I agree also


Looks good @JLee,I will be following.

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Looks good. Good luck

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I lost 20 minutes somewhere today so I only had 40 minutes to train before work.

Goblet squats 3 sets of 20
Leg curls (single leg) 3 sets of 15
Hack squat machine 4 sets (12,8,5 and 5) w drop
set for 15 on the last set
Leg extension (single leg) 4 sets of 12
Glute kickback machine (single leg) 3 sets of 15
No calf no time left. Off tomorrow, will hit it with


Lost time sucks especially when you are already behind

Looks like you got a great workout in even with lost time


That right there was my personal favorite for adding mass to my wheels.

Solid training

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You’re working today!!??

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