Joeb5 introduction ugmuscle

Ok, 40 year old dad of three, decided at 40 to begin enhanced lifestyle. Am I on third cycle for the year, gained 30 pounds of good muscle and am losing fat


Welcome to Ugmuscle brother glad to have you around

Welcome. Lots of old timers here me included. 45.

Welcome boss man!

Welcome and glad to have you here.

Welcome bud. Sounds like your on the right path. Great place here.

Welcome man, appreciate you posting an intro.

Hey looks like you found the fountain of youth as well lol welcome brother :muscle:

Welcome aboard!!

Great news!!! You found the perfect place for guys like us. Father of 5 44 years old. Great brotherhood here.

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Welcome aboard!

Welcome brother!

Welcome aboard.

Welcome, a lot of good info here!

Welcome! I’m an old timer as well, glad you’re here. Great place.


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