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Hey fam here’s a good news reporter to follow if you want to really know what’s up in the supplement world and bodybuilding @members


Today he was talking about Palumbo

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Good post man, like he said in the end it all comes down to greed and that’s why these companies failed unfortunately. @PHD what were the illicit substances used in the pre workout, and what prohormone were they selling? I tried searching for it but couldn’t find anything.

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Yeah I enjoy watching videos

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I saw that also but he really didn’t say a whole lot and I thought this video was more informative

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I’m not really sure. I don’t waste my money on them so I’m not sure. I think @TrenGod might know more

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I thought it was pretty odd for him to make that video specifically about Palumbo being that other fitness “news” who are just as popoular as Palumbo, didn’t make any videos or announcements on the bust. Not that I give 2 fucks, just odd.

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Ohhh Mama!!



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