Jon introduction srx user

Jon introduction srx user

Hey guys I’ve been training for 7 years naturally and recently did my first cycle at 500mg test a week along with 300mg deca. Im 24 years old 5’11 185lbs


Anyone know why I can’t post pictures?

Welcome… how did the cycle work for you.

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Great so far, currently going into week 12 have about 15 weeks left before I go back down to cruise gained about 25-30lbs

So in 3 months you gained around 30 lbs that’s a lot on 300 deca 500 test your 185 now so you were real skinny huh

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And I assume “15 weeks” left is wrong

Well I’ve been on test for 12 weeks and this is my 8th week of deca I want to run deca for about 16 weeks.

Welcome. Pics take a couple days on boars and posts before you can post them. Prevents spammers on the board.

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3 months on test and two on deca you must make gains real easy like




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