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I ordered from these guys. Communication was good. Delivery ok but product was horrible. Hurt to inject and didn’t feel anything.

Can I ask what products did you order i was wondering which we will know are guaranteed bunk

Used them in 2014. Received what I ordered although packaging was terrible. Thought I’d give them another try this past August. I was told my packs were shipped mid September and now two months later I haven’t received anything and their webpage has been shut down. Decent source turned SCAMMER!

I believe that they’re in jail or on the run

oh dude, accidentally ran int that post, and signed up, just so I can give some input. I have experience in the past (plenty) with those Pakistanis, and they are bad news. Deliver is from 1 - 9 months. 90% of the stuff is fake …comparing it with the real stuff that i ve had RXed by a doctor and the one they sell. 50% of he packages will NOT be sent and they will keep sending you fake tracking numbers …a different number every month, claiming that the previous one has been seized… One of the orders, I ve never heard from the after money was sent and package arrived 9 months later. this particular shipment was decent quality but this the only one out of 15 probably. the sad part is that the forum professionalmuscle kept their ad and promoting them till last year, completely disregarding members complaints ( considering that that piece of shit - the owner of the forum - called BigA claims his dealers are guaranteed and backed up by him. juiceroad’ s ad was on his board for all 14 years I have been following it. And the juiceroad dealers are not in jail…nobody will jail them in Pakistan for sending meds to the US…they are just a bunch of lowlifes who live day by day, and if 3 people send them $300 this month they will be happy for another 3-4 months till the next victim comes…as simple as that .

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Thank you for filling us in one these fkn scumbags! We dont need lowlife shitbags around here. I wish i could spend a half hour locked in a room with these ass clowns :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Welcome to ugm
We don’t allow sponsors like this to advertise here.
Members will always come first
Thanks for the heads up on this joke for a src

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