Juicing for Canada amateur MMA

Feedback please an amateur juice stack for MMA? I’ll feather in diet and training schedule as well. Want to establish holy grail of juicing for amateur combat sport


“The Holy Grail” is hard work and dedication.


For combat sports you usually have to make weight so you will want to use dry compounds or compounds that don’t aromatase into estrogen.
You should base your cycle with testosterone or just testosterone. If you can handle the injections every day than you can really control your levels.
You can though use any testosterone ester that fits you.
I would take tbol over winstrol or anavar just because tbol I believe will give you more power.
You take a risk being an athlete with winstrol because of injuries and anavar if its legitimate will give you killer cramps during cardio especially.

Im in to really getting into the best cycle for a combat athlete. I would like to discuss the different compounds and see what we can come up with and why?


This is useful and thanks for the expansion. Let’s keep this discussion flow going and I’m taking notes along with way as well as sharing successes and things to improve upon …

What about each of these interests you in being in the best combat cycle?

Anavar, Test, EQ … longer running. W and H are shorter term and more toxic but sharpen your teeth like a motherfucker. Reflecting comments above however, these are side car tools to the superior : diet, sleep and dedication overall…

Welcome all comments and criticism

All people are different and have different needs and looking for different results in combat sports but you don’t ever want to chop your cardio … or dry out your joints …

Test, EQ, var, arimidex, are your staples imo

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Hey, I’ve had pro fights under my belt.

Test and anavar are great. It’s all you need tbh. I would stay away from winny and any progesterone based AAS. I also Tbol could be good, but I think a DHT and test synergy cycle is going to do far more and imo var adds just as much strength if not more than Tbol while not giving you as much weight gain. Var also seems to help with fat loss so thats a plus for fighters.

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This is great reinforcement. Cheers brother. Again diet and sleep are huge as well… 80% of your training - cutting recommendations and last week eating ? Water loading for cutting? Suggestions or tips/tricks?

Tbh, I don’t enjoy cutting. I’ve done it in a fucked up way and lost maybe 25lbs for weigh in. Never again. I fight in the weight I’m comfortable in.

All I can say is fight in a weight class that you can comfortably weigh in at. Eat clean. Watch the sale, no sugar or starches, and under 50-60 grams of carbs a day. You’re an amateur, don’t do anything drastic that will harm your health for the future. 5lbs isn’t going to help you win at this level, focus on the fighting.


Personally the week of the fight; I drink alot of water up until about 48 hours before weigh in. Then as little as possible for the last 24. Much smaller and but more frequent meals and very very few carbs. The sauna is my closest ally. I usually try to keep my walk around weight fairly close to my fighting weight nowadays, or cut weight slowly throughout the course of training camp. This camp I’m cutting the week before and fight week to try be as “comfortable” as possible weight wise for a lack of a better word, during this incredibly tough camp I’m in the middle of.


:+1::+1: - thanks for the feedback.

I just remember why I’ve never touched Tbol. It messes with the body’s ability to clot blood from cuts. Thats a big no no for fighters. I have no idea why Jon Jones used Tbol.

Thanks for sharing this - very useful - “ holy grail “ as referenced earlier is always diet, sleep and train your fuckin ass off ———- the sidecar support should be laser pointer targeted for your end goal

Is primo used much in fighting?

Not really. I’m sure some do use it but it’s not popular as far as I know.

Primobolan maximizes protein synthesis, meaning an athlete gets the most out of the food their putting into their bodies. In addition to this, Primobolan helps to build lean muscle mass. Someone using Primobolan won’t ‘bulk up,’ but they will get stronger. As the lean muscle is developed, Primobolan also increases fat loss. Finally, Primobolan significantly increases the immune system. This enables the user to stay healthier longer, which means more time getting stronger.

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Hey team! Wanted to start discussion on GH and success stories etc and cycling.

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I’ve been on GH since the middle of December, 4iu a day. Just started my full cycle about 2 weeks ago. Bf% dropped a good ~5%, abs are very much more noticeable, diet is about 99% on point. I still have a cheat meal or two a week.

Great and thanks for sharing this man. What’s the diet like?

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