Just a little preview of my meat

Here’s what’s in store for tonight… first smoke of the new year! It’s not huge, typically when I do a brisket I like to find a 14-15 lb, that way after all is trimmed and cooking I still end up with about 10 - 11 lbs. this cute little guy will probably net me 7 lbs of deliciousness. The point isn’t all that spectacular, so won’t be much for burnt ends either… more photos to come, I just injected, so now it’s gotta soak all that in before I rub it. And it won’t go on the smoker until probably midnight


Looks great, isn’t it nice to “pin” something other then yourself

@John yes, it’s very nice. Now that the weather is breaking a little bit I’ll be doing this weekly!

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Yup grilling season, cook on grill atleast a few times a week, I really want to get a smoker

I trout fish a lot, but don’t particularly care for their taste, but smoking them is a whole different game

Salmon to

Now that my hip is fixed I’ll be deer hunting again, back straps are delicious when smoked. I think I’d like to build a brick grill on my patio, and probably get a new smoker… not sure what I want to get though, build one, but a green egg, or another electric one

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Never smoked back straps or ate it, however I’m sure it’s great, and I can’t discuss whitetail hunting during the off-season, it’s depressing.

Rub is applied, just waiting for it to set in on the fat cap side of the brisket, then in about 4 hours, she’ll go on the smoker. Going to mix apple hickory wood for the smoke. Not sure if I’ll wrap it at the stall yet, or just cook through it. Depends on how early tomorrow morning it stalls.


Been on the smoker for almost 9 hours now, temp probe is showing me 160 at the cold spot and 162 at the tip. I decided when I woke up this morning to not wrap when it hit the stall and just throw more smoke at it, so at 7 am I loaded more applewood into the smoker and I’ll keep doing that until she hits 197… since I’m not wrapping I’ll more than likely let it rest longer than usual before I carve it


Looks and sounds outfuckingstanding… is that the bib you wear when your eating your meat


Hahahaha! I probably should wear it! No, that’s my grandsons. My wife and our youngest daughter ate out of town this weekend and our oldest daughter needed a break from her little boy, so I said he could come hang out with me. He was here for a few hours yesterday, I just hadn’t cleaned up his mess. I’ll take photos later after I pull the brisket before I wrap and rest it.

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18 hours in and she’s still playing with me… 192 degrees, without wrapping it this has added some considerable time to this smoke! Hopefully I can pull it soon, I’ve still got to wrap it in foil and a towel and let it rest for at least 60 min before I can slice into it, and I’m getting really fucking hungry!

My wife considers this a wasted Sunday, I see this as the fruits of 20 hours! This is what the bark on a brisket is supposed to look like friends! It’s resting now in a cooler, the internal heat is continuing to cook it… I’ll be slicing this bitch up and eating some in an hour, check back for photos!


And here it is sliced! The long ass cook was more than worth the wait! This is by far the juiciest brisket I have ever smoked!



Nice meat

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