Just an fyi on pre workout and post

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So for those that are aware of my diet and training. Know I keep pretty clean but can go over board at times. I had one incident of dehydration while working out recently, and decided to make a small change.

I used to do shakes and drinks but cut them out for lack of availability here vs cost. Normally tho I take caffeine, aspirin and clenbuterol prior to workout normally and sip on sugar free energy drinks thru out the workout.

However I added watermelon to my pre snack and post. Took it with me to the gym and eat right after along with protein only meal. Gotta say I had an amazing pump during and after past couple days. Enough so that Im including it with every workout. The change from premade drinks and such to real food before and after is amazing. Way better.

That is wonderful to hear regarding your decision to switch to watermelon. This seems very consistent to how our bodies react to natural sugars versus those energy boosters created in a lab. Just because I am curious, you stated that the watermelon is consumed after your protein only meal: what is that?

Im taking watermelon about 30 mins before the gym. Then my workout. Then immediately after Watermelon and chicken breasts. I dont respond well to carbs usually. Ive followed alot of different diets and decided lack of carbs is best for me. I get bloated, lazy and hold fat when I eat carbs. However I can stay lean year around and let the roids do their thing if I maintain high protein and low fat with limited carbs around the workout.

I was back to eating oats in morning and it was ok as long as after my morning cardio. But the second I stopped cardio It just bloated me and made me feel like shit.

It is eerie how similar your story of cutting carbs is to mine. First, I followed a nutrition regimen where I was eating 35/35/30 (protein, carbs, fats). Then, like you, my body would react negatively to the carb intake - I would stay bloated and had difficulty cutting weight, even if my total calories were at a deficit from my tdee. When I restrict my carbs to under 100 grams a day, my body feels more energetic. I am glad that you tested the alternative first; makes you feel more reassured that you are utilizing the best diet to obtain your best body.

if willing to try something different, have a cup of tomato juice pre workout. too many ppl only focus on macro nutrients and let things like potassium go unchecked. low potassium will inhibit muscle growth and pumps. give it a try

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