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Hi I’m 37 I had gastric bypass done last year I have lost 220 lbs and I am looking for any advice on how to put lean muscle on not scared of hard work. I would love to hear some solid advice on were i should start.


Welcome aboard! There’s a lot of help and knowledge here on this board. Welcome!


Welcome. Great place to learn, diet is number 1,have you ran a cycle before?


Welcome brother. All board the gain train!

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Welcome! Great place to learn and grow.

Yes I did back in 2013 then had some legal issues lol but now I’m on HRT right now 300mg a week cyp I’m was wanting to add tren e and dbol looking for a trustworthy and reliable source

Welcome! :+1:

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Welcome brother, just a friendly reminder we have sponsors not sources, this also is not a market place this is a community forum focused on harm reduction. This is for everyones safety. Thanks for your understanding.


Welcome aboard!

Honestly with gastric bypass I’m guessing you’ll have to consume lots of shakes. Also not to be a dock but isn’t getting that surgery kind of skipping the hard work of losing weight




Do You have a secure email @Hotrod480, if you do shoot me a email [email protected]

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Hi @Cdubb908


Yooo. What’s up brother!you’re doing a fantastic job on the board. I may not post often but do read many posts daily. Glad to be part of this growing community. :+1::100::muscle:


Thanks buddy how’s the dog?

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He’s great sometimes separation anxiety being that work picked up. Lol! Thanks for asking.

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Hahaha you are a dick @Dirtnasty!!! I personally don’t know anything about the surgery or his situation. But just had to point out the obvious. Still love ya !!!

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Welcome bro. Diet 40% sleep 40% (consistent sleep schedule) gym 20% (but give it 100% when in the gym). That what I’ve learned since I’ve been on here.

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