Just Saying Hi to everyone

Just Saying Hi to everyone


Recently joined member here,just saying hello to everyone.

I’ve been lurking for a week or two,trying to get familiar with the forum,and it seems like a great place,so I thought I’d introduce myself.

I’ve done a fair bit of research,and had been thinking that I could rely on a well known PED src review site [Don’t know if I’m allowed to say which one],but found lots of people,on many forums saying they’re selective scammers,and,while reading these posts,came across several mentions of UGMuscle,so I thought I’d try it out.

Some background : I’m in my mid fifties,lifted from 14 to around 30 years of age - first 5 or 6 years,never missed a workout.From then,trained on and off,enough to stay in shape - till a long,pretty serious illness derailed me in my early thirties.

I’ve continued to have an interest in weight lifting/bodybuilding,and used to still occaisionaly buy the magazines in the ninties.I got my first PC in 2000,and
after a while started visiting some BB,and AAS sites,and forums.I guess once it’s in your blood,it’s there for life,even if you’re not fit to train for years at a time.

Anyway,I recently decided to go on some TRT,and,of course,Test is the only thing that doctors will prescribe here in Britain,and I wanted some Deca,for my aching joints,probably with some Masteron,to help Free Test levels [I’ll probably use a mix Test + Deca + Mast,for a total of 300mg - 400 per week,for 8 -12 weeks at a time,then dropping back to 100mg - 150mg per week,for 8 -12 weeks,as a TRT dose.[There’s no point in going off completely at my age,especially since I really need the TRT,but I don’t want to stay on the higher levels permanently,mainly due to the cardiac risks,again,especially at my age,so I plan on cycling between the two levels,for as long as it works].

There are a couple of other items that I am looking for,and if I can find them I will update you.For the moment,I have been in touch with SymBiotecLab,having read many glowing reports on this very forum,and their prices really are incredible,and also the service.I just contacted them this evening,requesting a current price list,and to my astonishment,I received a reply,at 10:50 pm [on a Friday night ! Who does That ? I didn’t expect to hear from them till Monday,or,possibly,tomorrow,at the earliest.Amazing service!].

It was looking like I wouldn’t find an src with Domestic UK shipping,so having made this connection is doubly good news,so I must thank the admin,and Mods,as well as all the other members for making this forum such a wonderful place.

Not trying to suck up to anyone,just giving credit where it’s due.
After discovering that I couldn’t rely on the previously mentioned review site,I seriously doubted that I would find a forum that I could trust,let alone one where politeness,good manners and helpfulness reign supreme.
But,having spent quite a few hours over the past couple of weeks lurking,and reading many threads,as well as the rules,and especially now that I’ve made contact with SymBiotecLab,I can say that I feel very cofident and secure about this forum.

Sorry for writing a book here.I hope you don’t mind if I wind things up with a request : I would really apprecite some advice on how to PM someone on this forum.I’m at Trust Level 1,so,as far as I understand it,Ishould be able to PM members,but I can’t seem to find a way to do so.It’s probably right under my nose,but I can’t seem to find it. [I just want to PM a Mod to double check before posting a request to find a certain product,as opposed to asking for a source “in general” - which I think is allowed according to Rule 2,but I’d like to run it by someone senior before posting,all the same].

Also,I can’t seem to figure out how to complete the beginner’s tutorial.Again,I’m probably just being dense,but I’d still appreciate any advice.

To anyone who’s read thus far I can only thank you for your patience.

I guenuinely look forward to getting to know many of you.

Very Best Wishes to All.


Welcome to a great place, great bunch of people here with lots of experience and advice.

Welcome aboard brotha pleasure to have you here✌️

Thank you so much,guys.

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Welcome! Glad to have you here



Thank you.Very kind of you all. Glad to be here.



Welcome- you’ll like it here

Thanks again,everyone,for the warm welcome.

Czworeczki, That’s a BIIIIIGG welcome,hahahaha. Most kind.Thanks.

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Welcome aboard! I don’t think you can PM anymore @Bigmurph maybe can elaborate for you.

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Welcome to UGM

Welcome brother, this is a great forum to be on

Thanks guys.

TBU, Thanks man.That would certainly explain it.I thought I was just being incredibly dense,like I said.
Not sure what to do now,if you have something to ask,and can’t be certain that it would be within the rules. Again,like I said earlier,I’m not being a suck-up about anything,here.
I’ve seen many forums [not just BB / AAS forums,either] that were horrible places to spend any time,because of people ignoring rules of conduct,and bitching & flaming each other right,left and centre.

The rules here regarding good manners,helpfulness & consideration are fantastic.
And even better,they seem to be followed.I’ve seen lots of examples of members helping each other while I’ve been lurking.In fact,it seems to be the norm.

That’s why I didn’t just praise the Admin & Mods,but the members too.

All the warm welcomes I’ve received on my first post just back this up.
Super friendly place. Thanks again.

The thought of an old codger like me posting on an AAS/BB forum was quite an intimidating thought before I stumbled upon this place. But,apart from the all round friendliness / helpfulness of the members,I read a post by Bigmurph where he was seriously asking the non-active members to post,so I thought I’d give it a try.

So,again,Thanks for the great welcome.



Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around we do things differently here we actually don’t offer private messages. We believe that everything should be posted publicly and if it can’t be posted publicly then it needs to be sent in an email address or messenger offsite.
We do have the ability to get any member or sponsor or staff members attention by tagging them in like this @Bigmurph that will send me a notification or you can send it to anyone else you want to read your post. Just use the @ and then the name.

Besides that I look forward to seeing you around in the forums.
Welcome to ugmuscle

I also have to say thanks for posting and becoming part of the conversation. We honestly have more members than you can imagine but less than a quarter post the rest read everything but I would love for the rest to become part of the conversation also.

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