Just watched a documentary on Fish very disturbing

Man I just watched a documentary on Seafood.
Seriously disturbing I will never eat anything Farm raised again the salmon just as an example is given its color from the food there fed. Its not a beautiful pink its garbage. They have to feed it food to make it the color there supposed to be and fed garbage also I felt poisoned after watching. The sea lice ive heard of in the past but I saw them actually eating a salmon alive they had actually ate through its skin and were eating the meat while the fish was swimming around completely disgusting.

The tuna industry is lying this entire time I thought that there were dolphin safe nets and that tuna cans that say dolphin safe actually are well that’s all a big lie also there are no dolphin safe nets its a myth. They killed 12 dolphins to catch 8 tuna and that’s for a company considered dolphin safe wtf??

The dolphin safe label is set up and hide behinds multiple non profits that are against plastic in the ocean and protection of dolphins supposedly.
The man with dolphin safe said that they can’t guarantee dolphin safe. The people who work with the against plastic when asked about fishing equipment they freaked out and made them turn off the camera and kicked them out wtf??
Its all BS that’s sad because I always thought that dolphin safe was legit its not at all just a bunch of people getting paid alot to push an agenda.

Fish supposedly are actually horrible to eat if what they say is true. The concentration of plastic, broken down plastic, mercury, and more I can’t even remember the entire list.

I might actually start to reconsider my diet and im really jealous of you guys that are able to harvest your own food from the wild but then I started thinking are those animals as pulluted as all the others?

Craziness :exploding_head::exploding_head:


Scary stuff, particularly given how much push there is these days to “eat more fish.”

Similarly, I was surprised to learn recently that with the exception of Macallan, all single malt scotch is artificially colored. Only Macallan takes its color from the barrels in which it is aged.


Everyone is way to ok with not telling the truth about anything anymore. Its honestly dangerous in certain situations. That is also new to me that they color there scotch I thought scotch was all about being aged in barrels?

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All about saving a nickel.

Save a nickel ten million times and you got enough money to justify not telling the truth.


When are we poor enough to start justifying not telling the truth? lol lol

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I’m thinking we’re already there…it’s the big industrial complexes…most will do anything for a buck.

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Its true companies are gangsters that’s why you don’t see anymore running the streets its because they hang out in board rooms and penthouse offices.
I hate to bring this up but Hunter Biden just was on the board of an oil company. He is nothing but a gangster. I have never heard him claim that he is a business man.

Its not only him either just the first to pop into my head but Trump is also a gangster.

All the big companies try to influence politics this is the same thing that allowed gangsters to operate with impunity as the companies do now

Yep yep

The gangsters making the most money and have the most power are wearing suits and theres a bunch inside the beltway (loop around dc)… Beltway bandits

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I love that the beltway bandits lol f#%^^& great lol lol

Brother man… being involved with uncle sugar for over 40 years… i can tell you that if you can sell something to the government (goods/services) you’ll have it made…whether they/it works or not. I jave a bunch of stories. Hahaha

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I can only imagine the stories that uncle sugar can create lol oh lord lol

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My company’s contract gets $1000 an hour for my labor… not a typo…ONE K.

I’ve always said it. Uncle sugar got deep pockets.

They also mentioned that tax dollars actual pay for fisherman to fish? Its a subsidized industry I had no idea we supported the fisherman. I thought tax dollars supported the military and America but I guess that being in a subsidized industry is where its at


Wtf I don’t even want to know lol that’s alot of money an hr considering that translates into 8k a day?

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That’s just for me… globally theres millions of mes. Some probably a little less… some more.

Shite lol

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Beat thing any company can do is get a contract with the dept of defense. Love out people that served but just like anything else all that money being pumped in never makes to the grunts. I always hate people bitching about social programs when I know how much more companies get from the dod contracts. We made a coating that was 1000% marked up for a contract at former employer all we had to do was use a little better respirator to meat code so maybe 5% more cost

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I took classes on how to bid government contracts (construction). The rule of thumb was to bid labor as usual and quadruple it for uncle sug.


God bless America

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