Kad1 Speedy Recovery And Back To Kicking Butt

Today @Kad1 is having knee surgery.

I’m sending prayers for his successful procedure and, subsequent speedy recovery.


Indeed another reason inneed to get it ass back into gear he helped me with some of my injury issues so I need to workout casue he will be limited


Hope all goes well and you recover fast so you can get back to kicking ass!

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Thanks brotha

I’ll be posting my whole rehab and recovery progress

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Best of luck, brother!

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Thank you

Post some pics of your sweet walker…with the pink tennis balls on the feet.


@Kad1, get well soon man!

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@Kad1 Hope you have a fast recovery brotha.

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I wish! They gave me crutches. Haven’t walked with crutches since I broke my foot fighting 10 years ago


I got crutches last year. Cant stand them. Used one for a day or so then just hobbled.

You gotta get one of those knee scooters. They look so much better than crutches.

Have you seen them?

How did everything go?

I look forward to hearing after everything I wish you the best brother :pray:


I had a Walker the day of my hip replacement, the PT came to our house the next day to look at every room I’d be going in and out of while I was hobbled, he took my Walker and told my wife the only place I could use it was in the shower, otherwise it was crutches, and he only wanted me on 2 crutches for the first week, then down to one crutch… I couldn’t beleive it



Seems quick

Gotta make sure you don’t go ass over tin cups on those knee scooters :laughing: wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery my friend :v:t4::pray:t4::muscle:t4:

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@Bigmurph , that is what I thought too, but both the doctor and PA said the same as the PT.

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There the experts not me lol Im just surprised because for my ruptured bicep I couldn’t even move it for 3 months. Immobility cast locked to my abdomen.
I guess they really need to get you going after an implant

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You’ll be back in no time brother. And you’ll be glad you did it.

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