Keto for body builders.

Hey guys. Got diagnosed as type two from a typical body building diet, so have taken most carbs, except one cheat meal out per week.

I was wondering if there are any other keto builders out there and if they are watching protein and fat levels, tracking, or maybe even how a type 2 does his building.

No type two meds, just diet change and it has helped.

There’s lots of them. Dave Palumbo was huge on keto. My wife follows keto year round, just a lot more strict come prep time… usually leads to a lot of fights due to my love of carbs and utter refusal to give them up!

Hey @TG I know your a keto man…

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There’s more than you think. I made the switch due to stomach issues with bloat and digestive health. Its not hard to keep lean without carbs and drop fat. I don’t really monitor my fats and proteins. If I have a physically busy day I’ll add more fatty foods early and lean it out towards end of day where I take in lean meats. If you want to gain, then add more food. So in my case now I added an extra steak or two in my diet. If I’m still hungry in the day I’ll eat another steak. If you want to cut then lean out your food. No butter, no sauces.

Carnivore diet is another slightly different option. But still similar just no carbs. Whereas keto can allow a few as long as in ketosis.


Thanks tg. Do you feel more lethargic the more protein you eat, it happens to me for sure. I try to add fats when I want more calories and that tends to help.

I stay at .4 on my ketones pretty regularly do you test or just go by how you feel?

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The lethargy should go away very quick in the beginning. If it doesn’t try to add more food. No carbs but eggs, steaks cooked with butter, fatty hamburger with cheese. Focus your fats around your activity and workout.

The only time I test is when I go off diet for special occasions and such. Then I test till I’m back on and I won’t need to test after that. I know what I eat it it has carbs are not.

Don’t fall for all the keto foods you see on Instagram or YouTube channels saying stupid shit like Keto Browniе, keto pancakes and all that crap. Trying to eat those things will keep you in constant worry and control of your diet and ketosis. They all have carbs regardless the shit those scammers pushing that crap says.

Also look into blood type diets. Cause like me I do great on steaks and red meat and feel like shit if I did the same ratios on chicken. I learnt this the hard way until another bodybuilder guessed my blood type after seeing my diet and what worked and didn’t work for me. It was spot on. He also guessed my girlfriend blood type at the time by what she ate and what worked for her and why we couldn’t eat the same type of foods whatsoever and feel good.


Thanks @TG for helping him, I know your well versed in keto

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@Tg @John

Guys thanks for the help. @TG. Do you do carb refeeds or find a need for them anywhere in your workouts? Or perhaps a larger set of keto style carbs, 15 grams after a workout?

Nope. No need too. Here’s my preworkout right here tho. Eating right now.

The fats and proteins from this will ride me thru and feel good. Eating this after a sugar free monster and water.


Ok, so I am in the foodservices industry and have never seen anything like that. Is it ground beef? If so that is super lean.

Mofo you crazy eating raw meat I hope its atleast high quality

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@Jobie5 @Bigmurph it’s raw meat chopped up real fine. It called beef or steak tartar. I just don’t add the egg or anything else. Just the raw beef.


I’d egg it but who asked

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@TG. Love steak tartar. Looks like it came in a package, did you make it, or did you buy it somewhere? Also how many oz you eating at a time of protein?

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I just buy it now. No hassles and easy to eat. 200 grams a pack. It’s not really a meal for me, just a snack when hungry and don’t feel like cooking.


Where you picking it up from? Specialized grocery store?

In Eastern Europe bro. Every grocery store carries it. But usually I’ll get it from a butcher near by.

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