Kiwi bro checking in

Hey guys, new to site so hoping to learn from some of the veterans around here. Been lifting around 15+ years, currently recovering from twice ruptured Achilles’ tendon so last 6 months has seen limited progress. Also hoping to get in touch with some New Zealanders on here, just moved back to NZ after 10 years in Australia.
33 yo Male
6’2 - 188cm
230lbs - 105kg
Non competitive gym rat
Apart from training enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, efoiling, k1 kayaking, rowing.


Welcome to UGM brotha. Lots of experience here

Welcome sir

Welcome…great place here…what’s efoiling

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Welcome I have good kiwi friend back home that’s really into lifting she just gave birth and the kids first onesy is from their gym

Welcome bud.

Welcome to UGM!



Welcome aboard!


Welcome brother!!!

I’d love to go to New Zealand for Stag hunting and maybe a fallow deer. Not sure if I spelled that right.


Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about your Achilles I hope that goes well.

Hi there, welcome. Done the efoiling before, was fun. I spend the summer with a flyboard or hydrofoiling.


Hoping 3rd times the charm for you!!!

Welcome to a phenomenal place with phenomenal people!!

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around sorry im a little late with my welcome been away a bit recently.

Here’s something to help you get started

Im really jealous brother I have wanted to go to New Zealand for the longest time I have heard its the most beautiful place on earth because no one talks about it I’ve seen pictures its amazing land.

I look forward to talking more in the forums brother

Have you ever been enhanced?

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