KODIAK Cakes and waffles im loving them

Im really liking this brand and the different things that I can do with the cakes mix is great adding eggs oats and more pbfit powder so even more protein.
I cook 4 waffles and a special cake for my first meal instead of just the eggs every day.
Im hitting 40-60g of protein in my first meal and getting the right amount of carbs not to high but right around what is working.
I honestly believe that everyone should give these a try.
I heard really bad things about there instant oats but there loaded with sugar anyways so I would stay away from them. Other than that you can create some great stuff with the cake mix and im loving the chocolate waffles. There dry as can be its like eating cardboard but if you have some egg yolks to break open dip it in and take them down.
I don’t remember who originally posted the cake recipe but mrs BIGMURPH has been using it and adding on to it and loving them also.



Never heard of Kodiak Cakes. Can you buy it in stores or off the net?

Nice meal… I’m just going out to shoot my meal, I know your heart is with me @Bigmurph


Yeah bro multiple stores carry them. Kroger Walmart target

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Love these. Post up some recipes.

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Both every store and market ive been to carriers them now even bjs had a gigantic cake box

You should ship some jerky to me :+1::+1:


I will throw up wife’s recipe

Bananas 2x
Quick oats
Cake mix
1egg white
Add water until moist enough to cook into a pancake.
She is cutting though

My recipe so far is
Cake mix 2 servings
2 eggs white
1 whole
Add enough water to cook into a pancake
Quick oats just eye it out a bunch
Banana 2x
Then I cook 4 waffles dark chocolate
Cook 2 whole eggs
Dip waffles in egg yolk


No Krogers around where I live. I’ll check WalMart…thanks.

Got a membership at Sam’s Club…I’ll check there too.

Walmart has all the different flavors and kinds

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Man, I just looked at these a couple days ago!! I’ve passed this product by a few months now. I see it at Krogers. I’m gonna have to try the recipe. I thought i saw they were high in fat, something made me put them back!

There not perfect but the cake mix and the waffles are really good for macros quickly.
Especially the cakes mix you can add whatever you want to boost it up.
I definitely recommend you giving them a try the flavors are good also.

I grabbed some of these at the store yesterday. I got the cinnamon oat ones. They are pretty good! I didn’t even put anything on them but a little butter…

There amazing and the waffles are great also I love that they have so many flavors.
I was told that there oats are shitty so maybe stay away from those

Ive actually been using honey I love it.
I haven’t seen that flavor but I would definitely pick it up

Alright dang yea that didn’t have honey. I think
there was regular, cinnamon oats and a different one, idk what it was, it was a lot smaller box

I actually just went and grabbed more dark chocolate waffles

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I’ve had the oat meal and yes pretty sugary but they are tasty! I get the muffin cups the blueberry maple are killer!

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My wife just got some,for her not me

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