Kunt's Workout/Gear log

Kunt's Workout/Gear log


Follow my workout and gear log!
This was supposed to be a sponsored log by one of our sponsored sources here!

But due to some complications, plans have changed.

I will be running gear from our board sponsors @Omni and possibly @ETALAZE

Current Stats

August 8th, 2017
5 ft 11 in (180cm)
205lbs (93kgs)
10-11% body-fat
9 years of training
Enhanced Athlete

Next Cycle

August - Cruise Dose
Test E ~150mg/week (Split twice per week)

Blast Off
Sept 11

1-20 150mg Test E
1-18 600mg EQ /Week from @Omni
1-4 or 14-20 50mg Winstrol/ED from @Omni
Cialis 5mg/ED PWO from @Omni

I may throw in a different oral and/or add another compound such as tren, masteron, anavar, or tbol
EQ was originally sponsored by ETALAZE but we ran into some shipping/delivery issues.
I will finish this blast off with Omni and use Etalaze my next blast. If things change I will update this (8.12.2017)


is 6-7x a week (90-120mins). Cardio is 6-7x a week pre and post workout (20mins total)(Some days i’ll do cardio for 45-1hr)(All depends on how my body is feeling)
I rarely take rest days.

##Omni Labs Review
Fast communication, fast delivery, great payment options, and smooth gear


UKGEAR TNE Sponsor Review

  • Communication with UKG was extremely fast and clear. Answered all my questions in a very fast manner.

  • Packaging was nice and simple

  • ~7 business days for it to arrive. (Which is incredibly fast for an international source)

My workouts do seem to be a bit more intense. The TNE experience so far has not been as described by a few people in other forums. (No freight train like hit)(Albiet it does differ person to person)
I did get really oily couple hours after injection sooo that’s a good sign

  • It pins REALLY smoothly (almost to a fault LOL, so i pin it reallly really slow)

  • There’s been very very minor pip, nothing crazy.

  • The TNE oil has no guaiacol, so there’s no smell or taste.

The compound kind of looks similar to injectable winstrol (has a white powder like substance and looks a bit milky… and it does seem to need some shaking)

*I will be uploading photos of my physique, i’ll post a starting pic within this week
**If you’d like to leave any suggestions please let me know.



Awesome. I will be following along and I know @Ukgear will be as well. Can’t wait for you to try out the Solberg TNE!

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Awesome take before pics also for us with all quarter ton poses

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Nice brother I’ll be checking this out for sure

Afternoon Kunt! What’s on the plate today?

IHey guys
Just wanted to show you guys how ill be formatting things once i get the blast started

Heres my leg workout today!

Pwo Stretch
15 min incline treadmill cardio

  1. Squats
    1. 45 lbs x 20
    2. 135 lbs x 15
    3. 185 lbs x 12
    4. 225 lbs x 10
    5. 275 lbs x 8
    6. 315 lbs x 6
    7. 345 lbs x 4
  2. Leg Press (Narrow)
    1. 90lbs + 90lbs x 15
    2. 90lbs + 90lbs x 15
    3. 135lbs + 135lbs x 15
    4. 135lbs + 135lbs x 15
  3. Stiff leg-deadlifts (dumbbells)
    1. 100lbs (50lb dumbbells)x 15
    2. 120lbs x 12
    3. 140lbs x 8
    4. 160lbs x 8
  4. Seated leg extensions
    1. 40lbs (one leg) x 15
    2. 50lbs (one leg) x 15
    3. 60lbs (one leg) x 12
    4. 140lbs (both legs) x 10
    5. 160 lbs (both legs) x 8
    6. 200 lbs (both legs) x 6
  5. Standing Calves (full rom and slow)
    1. 75 lbs x 20
    2. 90 lbs x 12
    3. 90 lbs x 12
    4. 105 lbs x 10
    5. 120 lbs x 10
  6. Dumbbell lunges
    1. 100lbs (50 lb dumbbells) x 10 reps each leg
    2. 120 lbs x 10
    3. 120 lbs x 10
    4. 140 lbs x 8
  7. Seated Calves (full rom and slow)
    1. 45lb plate x 15
    2. 70 lbs x 12
    3. 90 lbs x 12
    4. 115 x 10
  8. Smith Machine Box Squats
    1. 1 Plate x 15
    2. 2 plates x 12
    3. 3 plates x 10
    4. 2 plates x 10

10min postworkout cardio

Still havent gone home yet
Ill get to taking and posting pictures soon!

Always kill me on leg day doing lunges I cringed just reading this part. Lol

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Happy Thursday @Kunt hope you have a great day bro!

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Thank you!
Having a great day so far,
had an early morning workout

Here it is.

Back workout/Some Shoulder work
Pwo-Smoke (ofc)
stretch and cardio

  1. Lat Pull Downs
    1. 100lbs x 15
    2. 110lbs x 12
    3. 130lbs x 10
    4. 150lbs x 8
    5. 160lbs x 6
  2. Seated Rows
    1. 100lbs x 15
    2. 120lbs x 12
    3. 140lbs x 10
    4. 160lbs x 8
    5. 180lbs x 6
  3. Wide-grip Pull-ups
    1. 15
    2. 10
    3. 8
    4. 5
  4. Bent-over Barbell rows
    1. 135lbs x 12
    2. 185lbs x 10
    3. 225lbs x 8
    4. 265lbs x 4
  5. Standing T-Bar Row
    1. 1 Plate x 15
    2. 2 plates x 10
    3. 3 plates x 7
    4. 4 plates 4
  6. Close-grip pull downs
    1. 90lbs x 12
    2. 110lbs x 10
    3. 130lbs x 8
    4. 140lbs x 6
  7. Shrugs
    1. 135lbs x 15
    2. 185lbs x 15
    3. 225lbs x 15
    4. 265lbs x 10
    5. 225lbs x 10
    6. 135lbs x 15
  8. Dumbbell lateral raises
    1. 20lbs x 15
    2. 22.5lbs x 12
    3. 25lbs x 12
    4. 35lbs x 8
    5. 20lbs x 20

Post workout Sauna and Cardio

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August 10th Log :slight_smile:

Didn’t feel like working out today… but i blame it on the fact i worked out in the morning today instead of my usual night workout.

Once i got my blood pumping from cardio, i was ready haha
Good lift today, going to be a bit busy today but I PROMISE I WILL TAKE SOME PHOTOS haha

ALSO: I will be starting a cruise dose of test (150mg/week) extremely soon (next week)
I’ll let you all know :slight_smile:
have a good day fellas,
i’ll update the post again!


Solid lift bro. I like finishing back wth t bar Rows. Haven’t done them in awhile tho. Kinda miss making my own workouts but things with this coach have gone well so not gunna deviate from my plans haha.

Just finished drinking almost a galloooon of water and finished eating my chicken and rice :open_mouth: excuse the full stomach right now haha
literally just took these photos (didn’t get any photos at my girlfriend place oh well next time)
I’m off cycle atm!
of course the emoji’s are to protect my identity a little bit haha

Annnnd when the lighting is perfect hahaha


Keep it up bro! My workouts are different every time i walk into the gym haha

Lookin solid bro. Got some good leg size. This will be fun to follow. Can’t wait for you to try the TNE. Gunna lead to you wanting more of the Solberg goodies i guaranteeeeee hah

Thanks man!
I’m really really really excited to try out the tne :smiley: haha
I have yet to purchase the gear for my next blast and i think i’m set on running/using gear from ukg :stuck_out_tongue:

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Music to my ears!! Let me tell you the Bold ace (if you can handle ed or eod pins) is ON POINT!! I’m loving it! Will be sad to see these veins not be as crazy in a few weeks when I come off haha.

The prices are unbeatable, youre clearly running a great blast using their gear, and ukg is verified here!
have yet to try bold in general haha would love to try it out one day!

it’s saddening when its to come off a blast :frowning: :frowning:

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If you ever have any questions on anything feel free to pm me. And yessir, but my body needs t after this 22 weeker. Gotta have health In mind at all times.

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looking good kunt.
excellent didication and thankyou for the log. , ive been a little busy my friend but im folkowing everything.

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