Lab results high estrogen and testosterone

Lab results high estrogen and testosterone

Got my labs results back. So the doctor says she wants me to go back down on the testosterone. She also didn’t prescribe an estrogen blocker. I’m probably going to order Aromasin but I want some of your opinions. My results show that my estrogen is high and my testosterone is extremely high. She wants to back me down from 200mg twice a week to once a week then do labs again in three months. Based on where my levels are at the doctor believe my body’s natural testosterone has started producing since I quit drinking and started lifting. Let me know what you guys think.

I’d call bs to her on this. That’s not how the body’s production works. Ask her to show you the medical studies she’s basing this on. If she has you at 400mg a week that’s a light cycle dosage not TRT. Of course your going to be high. It all depends on what you want to do and why you are taking it.

If you want TRT then 200mg a week is fine and you won’t need any ai.

Not saying its not impossible to come back but I don’t see it on taking that high of testosterone and basing it on this.


I agree with TG.

400mg per week is not TRT and for her to say she thinks your natural test is the cause for the high levels isn’t logical. I’ve been in this game a looong time and can’t ever remember a doc legitimately putting a patient on 400mg per week of test.

The big question is how do you feel? There is no “one size fits all” when dealing with hormones so each case is different. IMO you may want to consider getting a new clinician or do your own TRT. If you go that route just be sure do get labs done as necessary. I’ve been doing daily micro dosing and have never felt better, just something to possibly research and consider.

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@skoonz @TG So she had me on 200mg a week after a low blood test. Then we checked again and my results were 337 when the range was 250 - 840 for normal. She is just a family doctor and wasn’t comfortable prescribing more. I met a friend in the gym who uses gear and told him my dosage and my levels and he recommended I up my testosterone to 400mg a week for 12 weeks then go back down to 200mg to get better results in the gym. I told my doctor this but she doesn’t want me above 200mg a week. I feel great all around except I feel like I’m not losing as much body fat as I should be. My fat collects around my hips and stomach which is why I wanted my estrogen. What I want to do is finish my blast with an AI then go back and get my blood work done after I get back on 200mg per week.

Go to a low t clinic. Family docs just don’t typically have the knowledge needed for this stuff. You definitely need an AI. Find one you can be honest with too if you’re going to be running AAS. I was nervous to disclose this stuff to my doc, but it’s obvious when my labs come in, and he’s really cool about it. He of course gives me the warnings that he has to, but also tries to help me be safe.

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Gotta stop listening to ‘bro-advice’.
There is a shit ton of research available for TRT protocols. Pinning .5cc twice a week is pretty much standard, not for all, but most. That’s 100mg every Monday and Thursday… (that’s my protocol anyhow)
Not all docs truly understand TRT and how it effects your body. Find a doctor that does.
400 a week would definitely raise your estrogen levels, your body is trying balance all your hormones. Everybody bodies react different to the protocol.
Not all anti-inhibitors work the same. Get familiar with how each works and effects your body.

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