LabsMD giving me the runaround

I ordered a test the other day because I want to see if everything is good to go for next round. I never got my confirmation email or requisition info to take to the lab. I called to see if they could resend or send to a different email and they told me I have to submit a support ticket and it could take a couple days. Still no emails to either address. I’ve used labsmd before without problem but I’m starting to get pissed.

Ive never heard of this happening possibly in the spam folder??

Nope. Nowhere to be found. I’ll be having a fun phone conversation tomorrow.

Just an update. I finally got my confirmation email today after several phone calls and emails. I’ll be getting precycle bloods in the morning.


That’s crazy its not usually like that you might want to change to home tests there so convenient just order them right from Amazon

I’ve always used privatemdlabs and have never had an issue. They also have a monthly discount code. It’s almost always the abbreviation of the month followed by the full year. FEB2018 is this months code I believe. I can’t remember but it’s typically 10 to 15% off


They are actually the same company, just using different labs for bloodwork

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That’s interesting I didn’t know that they were one in the same

Me neither, but I got my blood work in.

I don’t think that’s correct. LabsMD has a different contact line, both till free and direct line than Privatelabsmd. The contact emails are different and the labs that they use for specimen collection are not the same either. LabsMD uses Quest collection centers and Privatelabs used labcorp.

But they are owned by the same company.
Not sure where I found the info. But I found it to be credible.

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Strategic partnership

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Makes me wonder what kind of racket they’re running then lol.