Ladies only - new to ugm

Hello I’m new and was wondering how many ladies we have here?

Also what are some of your exercise routines?

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Great question. @calmb4dastorm are you around to help out … All American Nightmare!

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Thanks semperfi

Hi Mommie! I’m one of the UGM ladies! Nice to meet you! My routines vary depending on what I am trying to accomplish: cutting or bulking and also how my OA is behaving. I train 6 days a week and my splits are as follows: chest/back, shoulders/traps, biceps/triceps, legs 2xweek.
I can DM specifics if you would like…


@calmb4dastorm… I love this women UGM!



Awesome. What is oa and dm?

OA- Osteoarthritis

DM- Calm meant to type PM (private message)

You can PM members by clicking the envelop in the top right corner, enter the userid you want to PM and type the message.

Osteoarthritis and direct message… probably should have said PM for private message :grin:

Gosh… I have missed you Calm. I will leave you girls now. Sorry for stepping in @mommie2008. I just have not heard from calm in a while.

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I miss you SF! I’m still red white blue tattooed and just don’t care😉

Babe, make sure you add the @ symbol when you try to include somebody

nice to meet you @mommie2008

exercise routines will vary depending on your goals and how YOU respond to different types of training no point in doing a split with high volume if that isn’t what works for you or doesn’t meet what you are aiming to do

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I have q good physic already. Im petite but athletic body.

I just want to tighten things up. If that makes sense.

you want more muscle tone ? but good with where your body fat is?


what has worked in the past … I can’t tell you that circuit training with high volume mod weights works because … it doesn’t work for everyone … I can’t say do a spilt two muscle groups per day because if I am body building that doesn’t work for me … … I do a push/pull with one major muscle group per day and rest as needed … push pull means opposing muscle groups …one day is a push the next day is a pull… may or may not do what you need … this is where you come in and pay attention to what your body is telling you and how you are responding to the training

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Routines can vary between men and women but our gender doesn’t change the science behind resistance training. That being said you will need to find what you are comfortable with @mommie2008 and then begin measuring results. You can make small adjustments throughout the process to improve return on investment. Once you find what works best… your body will adapt and you will have to repeat the process all over again.

My formula for results is Method (Time + Consistency) = Results

I choose a method and when enough time and consistency is applied to the method I will receive a measurable result.

Enjoy the process above all else… It is supposed to be hard work but it does not have to be unenjoyable.


So now if i wanted gear what should i get?

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If I was in your situation I would first design a nutrition and exercise program to support my goals before considering anything else. Based on what you have shared you could easily accomplish your goal with just those two all important things.

Anavar has a long proven track record in female use.


what semper said … you’re gonna have to weigh the risks and benefits in relationship to your goals.

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