Ladies, pushing the envelop

Ladies. When on cycle, how many of you try to puch your cycles to the max? Do you keep your dosages low or do you try to run higher dosages to see What you can handle and see how much more progress you will make. What good side’s and bad side’s can you tolerate?

What do you do or say when someone tells you to not do what you love. I love bodybuilding, when someone tells me to stop because it will make me manly. I just train harder. When someone tells me not to run my dosages as high as I do , I tell them it’s my body my choice. Plus many of the side effects are positive for me. My goals are different then the fat guy sitting at the gym equipment on his cell 90% of the time.


I take my dosages where they need to be for me to get the most out of the cycle with the fewest sides. Sometimes that is higher than normal and sometimes it is average …

I draw the line at losing my hair … most everything else is tolerable to a certain degree

I really don’t give a flying rats ass if someone tells me not to work out … then the obviously are trying to mold me into something that I have desire to be. I will not be placed in a box to please someone else at the expense of my well being.

I honestly haven’t had anyone say shit to me about what I run or how much I run or for how long I have run it …

of course there are those guys out there who think juicing makes a girl manly so I just post up some pics and get a general consensus as to whether or not I am manly in my appearance… (for those of you who think that you might want to try to say something just to get me to post pics … it isn’t likely to happen :wink:


Lol- when you say ‘not likely’ that’s not a flat out no.

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lol …

I’d be more interested in seeing and studying your diet and the types of exercises you do and at what weights than to see pics of you. I don’t mean that to sound offensive either. I just respect that people want to look how they want to look and though I can appreciate a womans physique I can see that at home lol.


that is a perfect answer :wink: I can start a log but I m terrible at keeping them so I need someone to stay on me lol

Thank you for the reply.
Your thoughts and opinion is very appreciated.


thanks care to share any cycles that you’ve run and results?

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I know i will get alot of attention for this.
I started low and now run high dosages compaired to most women.

Here are some of my cycles I have used so far.

ANAVAR only 10mg-30mg , 8 weeks…

ANADROL 25mg -50mg, WINSTROL 10-20mg, 10 weeks.

NPP 100MG PER WEEK, WINSTROL (pill) 10-30mg, 12 weeks.

TRENBOLONE ACE, TEST P 10mg-50mg per injection per day. 8 weeks

ANAVAR only 20-40mg every day, 12 weeks

TRENBOLONE ACE, TEST P 25mg-100mg per injection per day, 12 weeks.

D-bol 50mg 3 weeks, NPP 100mg-200mg per week,WINSTROL (injection) 20mg-60mg per injection.

TRENBOLONE ACE, TEST P 50mg-150mg per injection, 2 times per day, 8 weeks

ANADROL 25mg -100mg, WINSTROL 25mg-100mg per day, 12 weeks,

TRENBOLONE ACE, TEST P. 50mg -150mg per injection 2 times per day

My body chemistry let’s me run very high dosages. I did make huge muscle gains and huge strength gains. Increased libido, voice alittle deeper (I had a deep voice before any cycle), leg hair grows faster, better state of mind, I love the bigger lady part, some acki, skin more oily.

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