LASIK finally far so good

I was pretty much out most of the afternoon…finally got lasik done and it’s pretty awesome, especially now that the worst part is over (procedure itself just took 20 min). Mainly it was very sensitive eyes while being driven home, then was to take as long of a nap as possible. Woke up with some dryness and a little pain, but not bad at all after putting in the drops. Quite a protocol, for next week 1 drop of a prescription drop 4 x daily each eye, then saline drops are to be done every couple hours even if your eyes aren’t feeling dry, then 2 soft gel tabs to take in morning and night to help healing process; oh and I have to sleep in sunglasses for a month lol to prevent rubbing of eyes.

Went outside as the sun was going down and it was kind of like going from regular definition to super high definition with the colors and detail. So far so good…definitely think I will consider this one of the best investments on myself.


Glad to hear it went well for you. I watched how the procedure was done and was like “No Thank you”. I would have to be strapped in and sedated.


That’s great brother!!! Glad to know it improved your quality of life.

I did this about 15 years ago, and it was the single best thing I ever did. Thinking about having it done again, as it does degrade over time a bit.

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Good to hear

I did not know this

I firmly believe in investing in yourself. Good for you brother.

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That’s great brother im glad that the surgery went well

This is kinda crazy I didn’t think about rubbing eyes while asleep

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I guess they sedat you??? I can’t imagine having someone all up in your face doing whatever to your eyeballs while you’re awake.

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Lol yeah it is pretty wild how it’s done and how fast they are. There were 2 different stages for each eye. They did the 1st on the right then left eye, then went with the final round. Yeah all that is given are numbing drops right before so you are completely aware of your surroundings the entire time. For the most part all I felt was some pressure and I was continuously staring at a green dot. The most uncomfortable part was the feeling of pressure which kind of felt like a very small needle was being pushed into my eye a decent ways. The most “disturbing” part was at the end where you can definitely smell the laser burning through some tissue to make the correction…smelled like burning hair.

Throughout the whole time and especially at the end the surgeon kept on making comments on how calm and still I was and asked if I’m always this calm. I told him well given I know there are lasers being used on my eyes I was definitely not going to move at all! They do put a little clamp that will force your eyes to stay open but I didn’t really feel any discomfort.

Slept in late today and feel great…just dryness that went away after the drops. I know vision will likely regress some and often eventually the most common is needing some low power reading glasses. Given my eyes were at -5.5 I’ll take that. I didn’t want to get old and have to wear glasses that are as thick as a coke bottle and wanted the ability to see in the middle of the night if I have to wake up abruptly without having my contacts or glasses on.

I believe my surgeon has close to 20k procedures personally done and the company well over 2 million, so felt pretty comfortable doing this now rather than when the technology first came out 20 or so years ago.


Yeah I can only imagine I look like Ray Charles at night with the temporary sunglasses they gave me for night use. I’m a side sleeper so it was a little awkward last night but not too bad as I easily got 9 hours uninterrupted in.


Craziness I would have had to of taken atleast a sedative.

Im honestly surprised that you can sleep with sunglasses on I figured it would be difficult but im definitely glad that the surgery or procedure went well

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I’m thinking i might have had to have some the UGM guys holding me down! I guess no different than the dentist and root canals and such.


I had it done over 10 years ago. Best move ever


Good to hear success stories on this I wear contacts will probably get this done at some point. My boy got it done and has chronic dry ever since so basically artificial tear drops multiple times a day for life. But it’s good to hear people had no issues. Contacts are a pain in the ass and aren’t cheap

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One of these I will man up lol. Definitely would have to be sedated!

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