Last Cycle Before and After + New Year New Gains

Not quite sure which section would be best for a before and after post for a cycle I didn’t keep a log for, but I’m starting a log for the next cycle so I’ll just consider this as post one of it since I didn’t make a log for my first cycle.

I kind of want to give the members of UGM an idea of where I started before hopping on gear, so here’s a picture of me around 2 months before my first cycle

I was pretty lean but definitely not big, at around 165 10% bf at 5’11. I had been fat as a teenager so after losing the weight I tried to stay on the leaner side, but after kind of getting into powerlifting I knew I wanted to get a lot bigger even if it meant getting a little more up there in bf%, so I started bulking without any compounds at first (I don’t have any pictures of me during this time, but I put on a good 10 pounds before hopping on gear, putting me at around 175.)

After discovering UGM and doing a little research and experimentation, I hopped on a cycle of Test NPP and dbol (which became adrol about 3 weeks in due to my inability to take the pumps) and started putting on size rather quickly before plateauing a bit near the end with my end size being 210 15% bodyfat (picture below, I have a shitty old android camera so it’s not great)

Thats me several weeks ago and I’ve cut back to about 195 after shedding some water weight and losing a little muscle, and now I’m in the process of planning the next cycle, looking to push up to 225 this time time around, we’ll see how it goes.

Any thoughts or advice before I jump right in (besides the fact that I have the Jay Cutler midsection) are appreciated, as I kind of want to be a little more conservative with how much shit I’m taking but still want to get big results, and I’m still relatively new to “enhanced” lifting, so I’d appreciate any and all advice given.


Your 210 in that pic?? How tall are you

5’11” so says the first post. :wink:


How old are you?

There’s an old saying in powerlifting “ if you’re the tallest guy in your weight class…you’re screwed”.


Looks like your making some solid gains! Keep it up

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If you’re looking to keep it simple but get the best results you can go for testosterone and run proviron at 100mg if you’re going to run a gram of testosterone.
That will definitely put more mass on your but I don’t believe that you will hit 225 unless you do go all out and go with sust 750mg decca 400-500mg dbol 6wks 30-50mg depending on the quality. Don’t forget the aromasin pharma grade and caber with the second but those are the two that will get you there the fastest.

You look great you have a solid frame I believe something simple with lower doses just 600mg test c npp tbol proviron its a great cycle.
Remember though everything is controlled in the kitchen

Stop worrying about the scale. Pushing to 225 from 210 will come if the diet is right, it’s just going to take time. There’s no set deadline.

You look good! I can’t speak highly enough of the test, NPP and tbol run I did over the summer. And that was definitely low dose.


Im in my late 20s right now. I’ve never really thought of myself as tall at 5’11 so that’s something interesting.

Thanks, I do want to push the envelope with how big I can get, but i also know ill definitely need all the ancillaries if i push it after how I was at the end of the last cycle.

In terms of food though, just got the costco membership, so i feel pretty set.

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I hear you, it’s just so hard to find the motivation if I don’t have some specific goal to work towards if that makes any sense.

You’re probably confused because what you don’t see in that pic are my chicken legs. My ankles look like fucking toothpicks.

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You went from 165 to 210 and leaned back out to 195. Thats 30 pounds of net gain. Pretty good in my book brother. Keep up the work and you will become a beast. Just don’t rush it and hurt yourself by over training or taking to manny compounds. Like the guys say give it time. It’s a marathon.


Nice brother, 165 was my starting weight also. I’m stuck at 180-185, but I struggle to eat the required amount of food for my gains. Keep up the hard work man :+1:

@Dmomuchole but you’re brown! Hahaha

Agreed on the scale thing, it can really fuck with your mind if you hop on that shit every day. I try to weigh myself about once a month just to see where I’m at, i pay more attention to what I see in the mirror and how I feel compared to some numbers on a scale…just my 2 pennies and a ball of lint

I weigh daily. It I’m so big a pound difference is just a shit waiting to happen or it alreDy did

You ever have those times where you jump on the scale and your five pounds heavier then you were yesterday and you know you ain’t building muscle that fast so your like wtf!!! Hahaha I hate that.

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I wasn’t saying your tall. If you’re “kinda getting into powerlifting” and you’re 210 at 5’11” and “have chicken legs”…it doesn’t bode well for the powerlifting world unless you’re a bench only guy.

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My chicken legs are starting to throw up some decent numbers

You aint got chicken legs

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