Leg day. If this doesn’t motivate you

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You’re dead… get big legs. Grow.


I get motivated by watching the gym bro’s do “legs”, putting heavy weights on squat bars and watching them tremble as they try their hardest to do 315 for no more than 1/4 of a real squat, knees caving in and almost collapsing, just to turn around and high five their bro cause they just singled a 315 lb squat… or the ass clowns that put 1000+ on a hip sled and move the weight maybe 2”, with their ass completely off the pad, knee sleeves and wraps and a belt, screaming at the top of their lungs… that shit makes me want to stroll my crippled ass into a rack and show these dorks what’s up! But slayer helps! Haha


Funny you wrote this. These this asshole. I call arm guy. Big Ol gut. Pretty nice arms. Legs like Bambi. Does everything you just stated. Ohh and wears a old ass leather weight belt for everything. I was deep repping hack squats. He was doin. Arms. I said hey. You ever hack squat? He said all the time. I was like no. Not that shit you do on here for hip flexors. I mean deep hacks like this. :rofl:. He walked away with his puny Hank Hill ass. :rofl::joy:


You both have me laughing. The shit that you can see at the gym is crazy lol

Does he have a prosthetic ass like Hank Hill?? LMAO :rofl::sweat_smile::joy:

No. None at all. Maybe that’s what the weight belt is for. Keep his shorts up.

1/4 squats are official gym bro squats don’t laugh at them … they just think their knees are going to break when in fact the first thing to go on them is their back and they will fold like cheap drug store cotton



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