Little help, not sure if I did it wrong

Little help, not sure if I did it wrong

Ok tested some proviron, I’m mostly color blind so any help would be appreciated.

I might have put too much in, I did mix the contents of the capsule very well before testing.

But it looks white to me?
@Bigmurph you volunteered to color match!

It’s the “A” ampule.

All I see is that big ass leg sitting there

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Flattery will get you everywhere!!

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Its white to help with the color I don’t know the amp or if it was a cap a pill if it was raw material I don’t know how you collected your sample.
I backed out of helping with these situations because you have to do the test properly and you aren’t even showing me which amp it is I can’t help determine it if you’re really color blind I will tell you what color is in the amp.

Not directly at you to everyone there are direction s on the package they’re the same directions that I have always followed I believe that the directions that come with the kits are better than the single compound tests but follow the directions roidtest has posted up the complete color chart that comes with the kits so that you can see everything you just need to follow the directions.

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Sorry I put in the middle of the picks that it was the “A” ampule, was a capsule that I opened and mixed completely in a clean cup I swabbed with alcohol and let dry. Used a small funnel to get it in the “A” ampule.

I followed what it said, I just wasn’t sure if I was reading the color correct as I’m color blind.

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Honestly white is zero reaction it just looks like filler.

That wasn’t directed at you its for everyone

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What sponsor’s proviron?


SRX was the sponsor

I’m going to test another one when I get home tonight with the “B” Ampule just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

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Ok guys so this is a SRX product that is in question here. We just did a roidtest ourselves just a few mins ago to see the outcome. Here are our results

As you can see the color is there slightly a little lighter but I believe it to be maybe the filler we use. @Youts if you can please retest and post results. Also @ROIDTEST maybe you can chime in for a little clarification. @SRx maybe you can chime in as well, thanks for everyone’s patience as we figure this out.


I will definitely retest! And post em up tonight!

Honestly when it said match stick size amount, my damn hands shake and I may have gotten too much of the product in the ampule, so it could just be my bad.


Hey brotha all is good, no one’s perfect and that includes us the SRX team as well and I can promise this we will be in the open about any and everything.


Outlaw…thank ain’t no leg boy!!! HAHA


Ha if that were true I’d be in the movies!

Don’t foul this old man youts. We saw bare back brave heart volume 2.

“They may take our wives, but they will never take our 12inchers” this line Made you the man you are today!!!


Circa 96 right lol

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