Liver cleanse old school style

Liver cleanse old school style

I thought I’d throw out a old school liver clean that helps remove fatty deposits and helps over all well being. I know a lot take milk thistle and super liver clean products but this has been around a long time and it works. I still do this on off cycle to keep my liver healthy. If you want to try it, you can get some liver blood work before, and after. You will see what I mean. Now. The downside or upside if your constipated, it causes loose stool. Not diarrhea, you know what I mean. Anyways. Pop a couple calcium and it will go away. Anyways here it is. 30 days was my magic number. I’ve done it on cycle too. Cuz Dbol made me blow a gasket trying to shit. :joy:
Methionine 1500mg
Choline inositol 3000mg
Calcium of you Get loose from it. 30 days every quarter.
Just a little old school cleanse that’s pretty cheap.


Yep I learned that from Doctor Rand. If you want to get crazy and add in some Glutathione it won’t hurt and it’s a great antioxidant


That’s the guy. He has a great YouTube channel. :grin:


Glutathione is super underrated


I take 2 of these tabs a day:

Also NAC, and inject Gluathione (1 cc) every MON-WED-FRI.

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