Liver protectant supplements are we taking the wrong stuff

Are we taking the wrong liver protectants???

The Doc at the beginning of the video actually says that what ive been using Tudca,Taurine or UDCA the medical version.

He says that the great Franco columbo came to him and said that zabel told him to take coilene and anocetol or MIC caps.
I can’t believe this ive been wasting my money on Tudca,Taurine and he said he gave up on that way long ago because its garbage.
I know anocetol because people cut cocaine with it. It is a b vitamin that you can get in bulk extremely cheap. The coiline I have never heard of before but looks like I’m going out and trying to find me some new liver protectants.
Time to hit the vitamin shop.

The second half of the video is so true steroids are not the answer. They only work when you already have your diet,training and lifestyle in the right place.

Notice he says sleep, sleep, sleep
Not hit the gym 2hr everyday sleep is the most important thing next to diet to reach your goals.


Yep I’ve been using Choline, Inositol, NAC and TUDCA for the last month and I’ll be getting bloods soon to verify how it’s been working. 600mg TUDCA, 1500mg Choline, 1500mg Inositol and 400mg NAC.

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I’m going to get all the same except the Tudca. I’m going to start using it as my liver protectant

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The only reason I’m still using the TUDCA is because I had 2 bottles of it and didn’t want to trash them. I also included the L-methionine that’s mentioned in the video but I’m not so sure it’s necessary. Although my skin has been looking a little clearer and my hands aren’t cracking so much.

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Interesting I want to find the MIC PILLS somewhere and just get everything together

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That’s the only issue I have right now is that I’m taking down about 10 pills to get the mg doses I’m taking.

I searched the inter webs and couldn’t find MIC in pill form. It seems it’s usually injected. Have you seen pills? I need to order some liver supps soon. I think I may just get the choline and inositol and add NAC and L-meth just for the skin benefits.

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The only all in one MIC I have seen is an injectable form as well. I have some injectable Glutathione but haven’t started using it yet. I wanted to see how well this protocol works beforehand. I will be getting bloods done in about 2 to 3 weeks to confirm this protocol is working for me. I have been on it for 21 days now.

I actually just received both MIC and Glutathione in inj form im looking forward to seeing if there going to work because im going to start the mic next Monday and then run the Glutathione and it will put me write at my full blood panel so I can see if it kept it in range or actually put it back into range or did absolutely nothing.
Im still a little off on the dosing its a subq product but do I take it 2x a day like my regular liver protectant or do I only need 1x a day


I asked the guy at the vitamin shop and he said that only a couple of different companies even produce the blend so you basically have to go to the shops that you can get your own caps and get your own bags of powder and make the caps yourself

I used mt glutathione IM and did 1ml a day and it worked out just fine for me. It wasnt a miracle worker but it got my liver enzymes down much faster than orals

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Maybe I should use both and see if my blood work comes back any better?

You may want to hit up amino and ask him. I’m not sure about running both but I dont necessarily see a reason you couldn’t

Im actually in contact with him now I would like to have them here as a sponsor

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I just ordered the separate caps along with some NAC.

Whose amino?

The place I sent BM for his liver stuff

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Good stuff here. Dr. Rand knows what he’s talking about. He use to manage my TRT and has a wealth of knowledge. A lot gained through being a physician & reasearch as well as personal use, he did his first cycle at 18. He helps a lot of bodybuilders in SoCal.

That’s why I got what I got

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