Lockdown Home Gym Setup. Back to Basics

I know how it sucks not having access to a gym sometimes. And I see people considering buying stuff for home. Sometimes you gotta go back to basics and keep it simple. Buy a little at a time when you can and keep to the basics.

I have area restrictions where I don’t have as much room as some of you do. Europe living isn’t exactly the most spacious style of living.

Break it down by what you need per body part.

  • Commercial grade adjustable bench. Don’t be too cheap on this but don’t go to fancy either. It needs to be stable.

  • Olympic barbell and plates. Keep everything just like at the gym. Whatever your max for squat is all you need on 45s and get some smaller ones.

  • shorter barbell for curls, skull crushers etc. Yeah you may be able to get away with using a Olympic barbell but its usually not too much more.

  • adjustable dumbbells. Mine go to 60lbs each and that’s fine for most independent movements. Use compound movements with short bar and plates or olympic when need to go heavier.

  • squat rack. Good quality. Make sure the fucking thing won’t break or fall and stable to heavy weights. Especially if you cant brace it to the floor.

  • leg machine. Decide your weak point. I went with a calve machine to really focus on those. I can hit quads and hams a number of other ways but can’t easily isolate the calves as much.

Get creative. chains, straps, etc. John Meadows has some unique exercises that can be used to hit other areas like back etc with what we got above.

You’re really not trying to grow so much with a home gym but you can maintain and cut easily. You don’t NEED cables and other compound equipment like hammer strength, pulldowns etc. Its nice but not necessary. Go find some kegs and fill with dirt or sand. Load up a truck and pull the fucker with a chain or tow strap uphill (make sure your wife or partner is in the truck in case it pulls your ass back and she needs to hit the brakes.

There’s a lot you can do and buy little by little.


And you forgot to add, EAT LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER,all the people stuck home, let this be a time to refeed for days at a time.


And yes people. You will be benching, curling in your squat rack. Incline, flat etc. I use my decline ab bench only with dumbbells tho since its not as stable as the adjustable.

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I have a few buddies that work in a huge machine shop, think I’m going to pick their brain about building a power rack.

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Honestly, with incorporating some unique techniques, I bet you could really shock the system and get some really good strength gains, I know a lot of farmers that would crush your hands with their grips.

Great post man, I’m in the hunt right now, seen some on FB marketplace for areas around me, and am actually finding some good deals. Idk but I feel like online sites, Dicks, Walmart and some other places really raised the prices on weights, ie. Walmart is selling 2 x 25lb dumbells for $100, that’s outta control if you ask me

Check your email @Raphael3636

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Don’t be like this dude…


Bahaha… That was great! In all seriousness though I’ve been getting some pretty good home workouts with a pair of 30s , some resistance bands , and a push up/pull up bar. I’m sore as hell in spots I haven’t been sore in a awhile


Ha ha to late

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