Logs, logs, and more logs

Logs, logs, and more logs

Well, these logs are interesting! I just ordered up and decided to try something new next week.
I’d like to make a log just for shits and giggles, it’s nice to have like minded people to talk about it with as I’m seriously lacking that where I live…

Working on dialing in my diet, I’ll post what I came up with soon, would you all let me know what you think?


Sure thing bud

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As long as you don’t mind being told

Hell yeah brotha.,.I’ll be following for sure

I’m married, so I’m used to being told!

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Ok here’s my meal plan:
1 cup overnight oatmeal
1 cup unflavored Greek yogurt
1 cup fairlife milk
1 cup blueberries
Mixed day before in Mason jar, easy to grab on the go in am.

First snack:
6 egg whites

1 can of tuna in water w/ tablespoon miracle whip/relish/horseradish
1.5 servings of baked wheat thins
6 0z carrots/6 oz cauliflower
1 apple

2nd snack:
6 egg whites

Pre workout:
1 orange
1 protein shake made w/water

Post workout/dinner:
1lb chicken breast
1 cup white rice
1 cup broccoli

Right before bed:
1 cup 2% cottage cheese

Let me know what you think, maybe a faster digesting protein in the am?

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Excuse the paleness, I’m liking my outer leg development but have always struggled with the tear drop, any suggestions? Leg extensions are way to hard on my knees, puts too much pressure on them, anyone have any luck developing them with strictly hack squats for isolation? Maybe a wider stance on the hacks?
Any advice on em would be appreciated!

You could externally rotate your feet on the hack squat. Best for VMO (tear drop) is:
lateral squat - wide stance squat to one side 1 or 2 db or kb racked position (feet externally rotated).
Staggered stance square - extenally rotate one foot about 45° and step forward with the other foot, squat over the rear foot with racked db or kb.
Step ups.

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Never tried the lateral squat, have done a lot of Bulgarian split squats, but seems to work my glutes a lot more than my quads, I’ll give that staggered stance square a shot.

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Bulgarian is a hamstring/glute dominant exercise and I love/hate it. Lateral and the staggered squat really hit the VMO.


Thanks for the advice @BigDogg!

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No problem. On both of those you’re gonna stop a little short of parallel. About a 3/4 squat and keep your knee behind your toes.

Hey bro, notice you have the lines where your Sox were, possible water retention? I know if my body gets alot of fluid building up It fucks with my knees too, are you watching your sodium? That shit is sneaky getting into your diet.

I haven’t been as careful about my sodium as I should be, I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on it!

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I look forward to seeing your log

Monday, switched up my routine as Mondays have been shit for me lately so moved arms to monday, and also got tired of fighting for benches for international chest day.
Dragged ass, but had some good pumps regardless! 1 more in the books!
Felt weak today, so did slow reps, paused and held to really feel it.


Also on a side note, 2 guys that are always here when I am talked about how sick they’ve been since Friday, and then proceed not to wipe down the shit they use!!!

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Unless your at planet fitness let em have it

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One of them owns the building the gym rents from, I want to stay in good graces incase I need to swindle a way in…

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