Longer work out same volume?

Since I have been working out at home, I normally spread my same workout over 2 hours as opposed to the 90ish in the gym.

I like it this way, I’m just curious if I’m losing anything for increasing my rest time ? I feel like I gain from it, and right now with my lifestyle it’s fine. Maybe when I go back to work again I might have to change up. Thoughts?


I could argue this either way… do what fits your lifestyle and time constraints. If you feel good and making forward progress then roll with it.


Agreed. If it is working for ya, and it fits your life schedule then go with it.


Agreed! People respond differently to different training styles. If you are doing well with longer rest , fantastic. Plenty of power amd Olympic lifters would agree. I personally like shorter rest.


This is going to sound bad… I get mine done pretty quick too. Just to get it over before I lose interest.

I’ve done squat days with 5 guys that took FOREVER!

I know the oly guys train forever seems like.


Ultimately, I’m super stoked to have the at home gym, things I miss the most are leg press, and dumbbells. I find dumbbell pressing increases my strength so fast compared to barbell :man_shrugging:.

But deadlifts and dishes is kinda my new favorite superset :joy:, clean the place and working out at the same time it’s perfect.


Yeah if I’m training heavy and a lot of volume it’ll take me an hour to squat and clean. But that’s working up to 500 for triples on back squat and 300 for clean


If its working for you stick with it unless it doesn’t show results then possibly switch it up listen to your body and push it or pull back on what feels right.

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