Look at that color on those loins!

Dropped a cow out West this Fall! Best meat there is!..except Moose. Moose is like candy meat!


Damn did you get to keep the whole cow?
How much weight is a cow in meat after butchered?
Those look good that’s definitely good eating


My bulking breakfast… :joy:


that looks delicious

Cow Elk- big girl, bout 110# dressed and trimmed

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Do you eat the package also? Styrofoam is full of good minerals and vitamins!

It’s actually paper… this place I get food from everything is farm to table. So yeah. You probably could eat it if you wanted. :grin:

Looks amazing!!!

Gotcha I thought you went out to the field and shot s cow to take home lol
Elk is alot of meat also 110lb you can’t beat that good eating for awhile.

I try to avoid beef cattle as much as possible- elk, deer, bison…

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Outfuckingstanding @SpencerCortez

If I had access to get meat by hunting I don’t know if I would ever even buy meat from a store again I can’t say that I avoid beef nowadays but in the past I have gone all seafood ive done just white meat also and I felt great while running those diets but I do love beef lol

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I’ve been dying to put one in my sous vide. Great job bagging her! Looks amazing.

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