Looking for a solid (thicc?) community

Hi folks,

New to the site – finally joined after doing a bunch of reading in the public forums. Based in Canada, and have been cycling/cruising for a few years now (happily a simple test-deca kinda guy). I haven’t participated much in communities due to a very busy personal schedule. Things are setting down now and I’m hoping to be a bit more active. Looking forward to chatting with everyone.


welcome and nice to meet you !

Welcome bud

Welcome… we stay thick at ug

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Welcome brotha


Welcome buddy

Welcome to the board

Also, what does thicc mean?

Haha - it’s as in “thicc and juicy,” in this case

Ok then


Welcome to UGM

Great to have you at ugmuscle brother. Hit me up anytime.
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Welcome! We thicc and juicy around here! :slight_smile:

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Ha ha

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