** Looking for LOGGER of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp (DHB) **

** Looking for LOGGER of Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp (DHB) **

*** I am looking for 1 person to log @Steroidify NEW Dragon Pharma 1-Test Cyp 100mg/ml. ***

The lucky winner will receive 3 vials of DP 1-Test Cyp 100mg with no purchase required. You will also receive free shipping. A picture of the product and a review of the presentation is required, however.

Please indicate if you would be interested in logging the 1-Test Cyp. Please also note if you plan to grab any other products along with it. Feel free to post any other info as to why you’d be a good candidate and make your case.

I will leave this open for as long as I feel necessary to get enough entries and then will review responses and pick someone to log.

This log does not have to be a daily log. I will expect a review of the ordering/shipping process, presentation of the product, and then 3-4 updates per week of how the product is treating you and what results you are receiving. If you are willing to do a full blown log that is even better, but again, not a requirement.

SO WHO WANTS SOME FREE GEAR?!? :slight_smile:

this promotion can not be combined with other discounts or promos


Another good opportunity from @Steroidify for members to save some money.

I’ve never tried it and I’m in the middle of a deca cycle. @SemperFi would this be something g I could add or replace with?

No clue. I like the time proven cycle of Test, Deca, Dbol when I was focusing on bulking. I know nothing about DHB… and even more confused about it in relationship with EQ since some recent forum discussion.

Just to mention… More gear doesn’t necessarily mean better results.

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@PHD since im your lab rat and considering future cycle advice I would like your opinion on this!

I’d ask that we keep the post comments to entries please so I know who is entering and who isn’t. If you need outside counsel to see if you can enter then please do that via pm :slight_smile:

Heard that fitraver… my apologies

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I’m in :sunglasses:. That would seal my decision of who to order next. I heard someone mention he did this for his regimen…usually 12 weeks and it goes a little something like this…TEST LA Depot and DHB 1-12, TREN A, MAST P, possibly TEST P(if a mix is available) or not. These are done weeks 1-6. Then durabolin(NPP), Wintrol injectable, pro viron and an oral such as TBOL for 6-12. Most likely do Aromasin 2 x week along with pramiprexole 2 x week before bed. This is what I heard was ok.:wink: then 4 weeks off…no cruise , no low dose test …little rest let things excrete. I have witnessed some of the better gains in this period. Then 12 weeks switching to maybe long acting supplements but along the same lines. I heard this guy has some variables laying around and sometimes he might throw them in like a sarm or hgh… Matters really on if the sun is in the east or west when he wakes up.

Glad to see you throw your hat in @rnmuscle. So what exactly are you saying you’d also grab with the DHB? I couldn’t exactly follow lol I saw a lot of things listed but wasn’t sure which you actually meant you’d run with it.

Who wants to log some DHB?!?!?

Read it again😸 test LA(cyp), anadrol, DHB, tren a, mast p, mesterolone, winstrol inject. NPP…if I was going to do just products from pharmacom. But do you get enough DHB to do 600 for 12 weeks. Off the bat I’m not one to go for…its DP so you’ll need only 300 because it’s fully dosed. They stayed around before " quantitative" tests because it worked. I don’t know way even a small ugl can’t do melting point testing. Its simple…

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Okay I follow now! And no that would not be enough for 600 for 12 weeks it would be 250. But if you’re picked and you are willing to run all those other @Steroidify products and give reviews then I could see what I could do about bumping up the amount of DHB.

I get it…and I’m trying to make a topic about this. I just have to find to right words so as not to offend. Diet and training is number one. However, I just can’t help but wonder why no one is getting the right results. @PHD, @TrenGod@semperFi@Bigmurph , MBT, yourself but you started later. 500 test, 600 deca and 50 mg of ANADROL…would guarantee you a complete difference in physique, strength. I know everyone says they don’t want to be 250 with 21 inch arms and abs and they can’t. But a healthy 27 yo or 30 yo should go from 185 to 195 leaner on a good cycle. If they powerlift double bodyweight bench in a few years. Steroids used to make up for all the gaps in guys training. Yes genetics are important if your myself… PhD who has gotten so symmetrical his legs aren’t sticking out…I don’t want to Jack the thread but with high quality gear maybe a guy like you were 2 years ago…less OCD. I’m gonna get a cycle from them anyway…of course is love free stuff. Bottom line, 100 mg of ANADROL from syntex would for sure give you nose bleeds. But everyone got big. Look back at middleweight bbers not even pros from the 80s and 90s. Jon aranita, comerford rip was doing recreational stuff for as long as I knew him. Ill stop.

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@rnmuscle not sure what you’re saying I’m totally lost and not sure why I got tagged in this. This thread is looking for a logging on dhb if I’m not mistaking. So I’m lost on this and why I was brought


I’m way lost. Let’s bring this back on track.

Any other people want to possible log?!?

I got off track…surprised? I am gonna start a thread or an article about this. It was a complement. …sorry.

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i AM ON nothing but 150mg trt, id be happy to try out a cycle of just dhb for 12 weeks.

That would be a good choice…I don’t have time to do that…that would be a good test. 150 test, 250 DHB…

So you’d buy more dhb with the $100 you have to spend to get the 3 free DHB? Or you’d get testosterone to run with it?

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Hahahahs squirrels :chipmunk: lol I was like where is he going lol

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