Looking for new cycle ideas

Background- 192lb 5’10, running at about 13% bf …
*also on trt @ 200mg a week. Also, I’ve gotten down to 8% bf - Diet is on check when I want to be, along with cardio.
I’ve ran test cyp, npp and mast e cycles in the past, about 4 cycles worth. (different amounts each time)

I’ve tried tren, I get really bad bloat and stomach issues on tren. Read it’s because it really messes with the bacteria in the stomach…(?)
I’ve ran win also, that wasn’t fun… Killed my joints. (maybe I was running to much @ 50mg?)

Anyhow… Looking for new ideas…
Maybe test cyp, anavar, eq? I’ve never ran var or eq.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let’s hear em!

First off never heard of tren messing with bacteria in stomach. I hear so much negative stuff about tren but this one is a first lol.

Winny will dry you out for sure 50mg is low though. I’m on 60mg now (oral) and joints are fine.

What is your end goal for a cycle? That’s really going to dictate what you take with cyp and eq. Personally I wouldn’t run var with those two but that’s just me.


Test, Tren , EQ would be my go to. But if Tren doesn’t sit well with you, I would do something clean and simple , Test, EQ, GH , bring Mast P in and out for 2-3 weeks at a time for the duration of the blast, finish out with some Winstrol towards the ass end of your run. You could run that for 20 weeks safely if your bloods check out. Like PhD said it really comes down to what your goal is in the end.


Ooh ooh these are fun! I’ll play this game again.

Test Cyp or Enanthate for all these cycles as a base.

Tren, EQ
Tren, Mast
NPP, Mast
NPP, Mast, Winny
Tren, Mast, Winny
NPP, Tbol
Tren, Var

Man I could keep going but my thumbs are getting tired.


Can I run all this at once and become a freak :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Follow the basic principal of a gram a day keeps the Dr away.


Now we talking there’s your free advice from the king himself


Lmao! I talked to @TrenGod one day about microdosing tren. He said “bro I don’t micro dose anything!” Hahaha


He taught Boston Llyod how to do 3cc a day lol

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If you have a 3cc syringe why waste an empty 1-2 cc in there? Just saying lol


And this is why you are “Tren God” :joy:.


Hate to waste those cheap syringes lol

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YAAAAY!! Winstrol user!! :joy:.

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I used Winstrol once for meet prep, my ankles hurt so damn bad, especially after heavy squat workouts and for about 2 weeks after the meet. Should’ve stuck with Anadrol, pre workout of champions


I’m not sure why, but while on tren it made me feel really bloated… tried it twice, two different suppliers. Weirdest thing.

My end result is maintain an “athletic look”. Bf % sub 10%
NPP and MAST I get a real thick look, if that makes sense. Problem with those two is I can’t do shit in terms of athletic abilities…
I can’t bring my arm back far enough to throw a softball, barely function in a basketball game.

First off why are you doing npp and mast together if that’s what your saying. Sounds like your very inexperienced. You need to look into diet tren won’t bloat you at least not from what I know. It’s not processed that what by our bodies. Mast is a cutter so you shouldn’t be having a bloat look with it. And 10% bodyfat is pretty low so you really need to get diet in order and worry about gear later. It trying to sound like a jerk but trying to lead you in the right direction.

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Why would you use winstrol for a meet? You should have used suspension if you were looking for a quick response or cheq drops for strength

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I’ve read on several difference forums NPP/Mast is a decent duo.
I don’t get bloat on mast, actually that’s my go to when I am cutting. I’m saying my muscles feel thick, giving me the inability to move fluidly, if that makes sense.
I’d admit, I am a bit inexperienced, suppose you gotta start somewhere.
As for the tren/guts issue, google it sometime. Lots of people have experienced the same issue. I don’t have a real solid on answer on that, more so hearsay… perhaps My IBS May come in to play on that?

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Bro npp and mast should not be in a cycle together both are used for different purposes. And I don’t need to google tren and gut problems been doing this for over 20 years. That’s the problem with the internet to much bro science and shit out there. Tren isn’t processed in your gut. You need to look into your diet. Ask several people especially @Ironside and tren. He was one that use to think it was awful and all these side effects. After we talked and I helped him now he loves tren.

As far as npp and mast mix maybe it’s the npp that makes you feel thick. I’m not sure. I know in my offseason bulk I can get up to 250 and not a sloppy 250 and I’ve never felt that way. That is of course me though not you. I would really look into your diet and don’t take everything you read on forums and google as the gospel.

I offer training for a huge discount on UG. If you want to be taught the correct way to cycle and nutrition and diet I’d be glad to help you.

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