Looking for something that's been hard to find

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I’ve been looking for a fairly painless/ smooth test suspension (water based, not oil). I managed to have a good source a few years ago that would draw thru a slin pin and pin thru one as well.

If anyone here carries it in 100mg, at not a super silly price let me know please. Gear church used to carry it but I don’t see it any longer.

Hell, I’d even try homebrewing it up if I could get a recipe

Thanks everyone

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Did you message @GearChurch or @Ldog and actually ask them?

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Let me check on this.:muscle:

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Messaged gear church, wasn’t on their list, that’s as far as that went. Just curious if anything else was out there. Thanks John

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Ok cool

I would recommend some of the GC Test Ace…its really delicious and is a decent semi-substitute.

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