Looking to get into strongman

As the title says, Im looking to get into strongman, however Im not entirely sure where I should start. Im currently hovering around 200 pounds and obviously want to put on a ton of mass and gain a ton of strength.

I know the basics, like eat a lot, lift a lot, but I’m looking for something a little more specific, especially when it comes to what kind of gear would be good, and what kind of training would be optimal.

What I understand here is it depends on your weight class and strength. If you are around 200 then you may need to be in a perfect place just work on strength.

Interesting. I thought i was going to need to put on around 50ish pounds to be competitive, didn’t know the weight classes were structured like that.

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I am 44 and have considered the idea of entering a competition some day in the next year or two. I watch strongman stuff Here and there. I am not anywhere close to being competitive with these guys pound for pound. However if we cut to the proper weight class who knows. Reading posts here of weights guys are doing tells me we should have some serious competitors right here in Ug. Good luck brother

If you are 200 I wouldn’t t kill my self trying to get to super heavyweight size. We had a guy here @Youtstbat was doing some strongman training. Seems like it would be fun. I personally am considering doing a powerlifting meet in the next year. Want to get my squat more respectable before hand.


Pick up heavy odd shaped things. Often? I dunno. I’m clearly not a strongman guy.

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I don’t do it, but what about the good ol deca dbol test combo? After the dbol or before I guess I would add another compound in, not a oral though, cept proviron


I agree all the people I know doing strongman stuff dbol deca test seems to be the go to route


Going to be my cycle I run to really test getting serious with power lifting. Won’t care much about aesthetics just getting strong as fuck


Thanks for the info. I honestly had no idea where to start, I’m still pretty new to gear, have much more experience with the training aspect than the pinning.

Thanks. I know Ill never be able to compete in the pro scene (too short at around 5’11") but pound for pound I’ve always been a pretty strong dude naturally. Competing around 200 pounds will probably also save me from having to go against giants a whole foot taller than me lol.

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I think your a perfect candidate for strongman brother. If you enter let me know I’ll be your water boy!!!

Go get brother!!

Naw I’m going to give this power lifting thing a go for a few then drop down and just try to get lean as fuck

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Thanks man.

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Assuming there are gyms around you that have all the equipment to train. That’s one of the things holding me back from powerlifting full on is I don’t have proper training here. I’m damn near about to max out bars at gym for dl


Theres a powerlifting gym around 4 miles from my house, but none with any strongman specific equipment.

They had stones and logs at the gym I went to back home in cincy hope to make that home gym next year.

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