Lose much size while cruising?

Lose much size while cruising?

Hey everyone,

I currently am on my 5th steroid cycle and have done PCT for each one, I actually stayed off steroids for two years but continued to train.

My question is regarding Blasting and Cruising. Let’s say if I am finished my Test/Deca cycle and decide to cruise at a TRT dose of Test only of around 150mg/wk would I lose much of the size I made gained from Deca by the time I blast again? What are guys experiences here with B&C, do you notice much size loss during your cruising phase?

How do the Pros, maintain their size throughout the year? Do they just Blast, Blast, Blast or do they take the approach I am considering doing with Blasting and Cruising and doing two cycles a year.

Thank you in advance guys.


Blast and cruising is an option to keep gains. You can also bridge your cycle with certain orals or hgh. Then you can just go on trt and pin your high in range amount and keep that going for the rest of your life.

I would actually say to keep cycling on and off if you can regain your natural testosterone levels.
The thing with a nor19 aas like nandrolone stays in your system for a long time. This also means that it keeps your body shutdown after the cycle and sometimes a normal pct protocol just isn’t enough.
I believe that if you’re going to cruise at 150mg/ml you might want to prepare yourself to be on trt forever. Its not a bad thing but if you’re young think about when you are almost 40 do you still want to pin 2x s wk for another 20-40yrs.

I don’t want to change your mind but I just want to open up the window and let you see your possible future.


A lot of retention/loss of mass will depend on the compounds you’ve used as well as how well you’ve managed bloat/water retention. With deca you can lose a bit of water, say in the 5-15lb range. Even with dry compounds you will lose some mass on a cruise, but if you keep your training intense and your calories at maintenance levels you will keep most of your gains. For example if I were to run a test/deca cycle I might expect to initially gain 15lbs in 16 weeks, within 2 weeks after blast I might drop 5lbs of water, leaving a lean gain of 10lbs, if I were to cruise for 12 weeks I might lose another 1-2 lbs. As far as what the pros are doing I’m sure they have there secret techniques there not gonna let out, but for the most part I think there using alot of the same principles we are, but much more intensely. They train harder, eat better and are much more dedicated. PHD has an article in his Titan Training section showing some before and after photos of himself and talks about how he developed over the years, it’s more dedication and harder work.


@Bigmurph makes an excellent point, I wish I would’ve cycled and done pct. I will most likely be on test the rest of my life. If I’m running a cycle and I know I’m making gains and seeing progress I wouldn’t care to pin 20 times a day, but after a year plus cruise, honestly pinning 2x a week sometimes feels like a chore when your not making gains.


Thanks for the response and I will be sure to check out PHDs article now.

Would doing a blast and then a cruise/bridge and a blast again and then pct and coming off for, lets say 12 weeks a year be an option, for as long as I can regain normal test levels.

Would I even be retaining much more muscle by cruising at 150mg of Test in between cycles in comparison to doing a PCT and coming off after each cycle/blast?

I am 27 and I am prepared to take the consequence/possibility of being on TRT for the rest of my life as bodybuilding is my main hobby that I enjoy and I want to compete yearly however I also want to do this the best way possible while considering my health. I just do not want a continued roller coaster ride of being big and muscular to shrinking back down after every blast, or at least minimize it, which I definitely think there is a way since a lot of guys out there manage to stay big all year round. Which you guys have confirmed, training just as intensely and remaining as dedicated with diet etc should minimize this and it depends on the compounds.

I am on week three of my cycle now and have my PCT on hand but am yet to decide whether I will PCT or bridge.

Thanks again dudes.

If you’re only coming off for 3 months I believe that you won’t be able to pct back and regain normal function.
I just ran a blast and cruise all last year I stopped and pct off and my numbers came back ahhh but they were in the really low ranges. I stayed off for around 11wks and broke out the test cyp and started using 100mg/ml 2x a week and I added 200mg/ml 2x a week of primo to cruise on. I feel much better but this is me you could be different and be able to do it without a problem. I believe that my problem is because I used alot of nandrolone deconate and npp so I believe that is why im not able to get back to natural normal ranges.

This dude seems like he really wants to do things the right way do you think that you can give him some advice.
Thanks brother

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I’ve pretty much been on blast/cruise for 10 years now. I’m older. Have 5 kids. And don’t care or worry about that aspect. (My swimmers are pretty much zero.) As far as weight. I usually shed 10-12 pounds of water weight when I come off a blast. My cruise is 280mg a week. That keeps me in the 750 range which is perfect. For me at my age. There is really no coming off once you have TRT for a long period of time. I tried it once recently to try and give my receptors a break, my test level dropped below 200. That. Was a horrible feeling. So I’ve dialed in to My current TRT. Now. Is everyone the same? Not really. I started TRT after years of cycles and never really recovered. That was about 10 years ago. No PCT helped me get back, my number that it really stopped for me was 46 years old. Now almost 11 years later, I love the size and strength. I am not a body builder, more of a power lifter. Enjoy picking up heavy shit and putting it down. :joy:. Plus I like food. Beer and pussy too much… :joy:. So thats why I am a power lifter and blast. :joy:

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