Lost 75lbs and still pushing!

Hey y’all! Excited to be here!

I’m a year back into my fitness journey. Just dropped 75lbs. Sometimes things in life get a bit out of balance and it’s hard to find it again.

I realized that people have have met me over the last 10 years just knew me as the fat dude.

I went from 225 down to around 150 and now back up to 170 and still working on things.

My doctor prescribed TRT to me and it helped me a ton with so many things. I’m 36 and my levels were insanely low. But the doc was about $$250/month and I just couldn’t afford that with labs every 6 weeks at $225 in addition.

So here I am.

Proud and thankful to be here!

I haven’t gotten to peek around any and all of my before and after photos have my face in them. But I’d love to post them blurred out or something if that flies here.


You have to get a higher trust level before you can post pictures or links but soon enough.

Welcome to ugmuscle brother glad to have you around I look forward to seeing you in the forums.


Congrats on the journey so far!

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Congrats that’s some weight to be dropping

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Honored to be here! Totally understand. I’m kinda glad you said that too cause I was just trying to figure out how the heck I could draw on a photo with my phone haha

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Welcome to the board

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You will like it here and prob can save yourself a lot of $$$ on your trt and then be able to do labs too!

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Welcome. What did you do to drop 75,how was your diet?


How u go to 150 whats ur height ?

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Yes I couldn’t think of being that weight. I think that was 6th Grade for me

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Really great job! Let us know what your diet and overall plan was.

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Oh! Also! I’m 5’9”

I track everything in an app and I weigh all of my food.

I just basically did flexible dieting. Tried everything under the sun but realized it’s all just about calories at the end of the day. As long as you’re in a deficit, you’ll lose. And if you keep your protein high, you’ll lose fat, not muscle.

Here’s a few things I did. I’d like to preface with, if I just ate chicken and broccoli, I would have failed.

I posted this to Facebook the other day because I get tons of questions about my transformation so I made a blanket post after people saw my before and after photos to help cover questions they may have. I’ll spare you the newb stuff and just throw the diet on here.

I ate 500 calories below maintenance.
Okay now. Here’s the diet.


CRACK CEREAL (pictured)
30g raspberries
40g blueberries
100g strawberries
1cup fiber one cereal
30g unflavored whey protein
1 cup almond milk
Sugar free syrup
1 tbsp monk fruit sweetener
A dash of cinnamon

335 calories
35g protein
24g fiber
27g carbs
5g fat

Liquid egg whites with cinnamon, vanilla extract, Splenda, and a scoop of protein
3-4 slices of 35 calorie bread
Sugar free syrup
Season with Splenda, cinnamon, sugar free syrup, or even sugar free jelly
Add PBFit for 70 extra calories and then add sugar free jelly to make it like a bomb ass peanut butter and jelly

1 scoop of instant oats. Make the almond milk or water. Throw in one scoop of protein and Splenda to taste. OR sugar free syrup
260 calories
Add a banana for 100 more calories
Add PBFit powdered peanut butter for 70 more calories

4oz chicken
TONS of spinach
Grilled vegetables
Lite ranch dressing (no more than 2tbsp)
Sugar free bbq sauce
Ole wrap (50 calories)
OR instead of ranch and bbq, go lower calorie and use hot sauce

5oz chicken, salsa or hot sauce, fat free or LITE ranch dressing, mission low carb wrap (or Ole low carb wrap. 40 calories less)
350 calories

4oz chicken
TONS of spinach
Grilled vegetables
Lite ranch dressing (no more than 2tbsp)
Sugar free bbq sauce
OR instead of ranch and bbq, go lower calorie and use hot sauce. Another alternative is Garlic Expressions. /tbsp is 110 calories. But really watch your calories here cause this is where you can fuck it all up and go over.
Make the motherfucker as big as you csn with vegetables. Stay away from any starches. Don’t use corn.

Yep. I said it. While cutting too.
Cut up an Ole 50 calorie wrap with a pizza slicer. Throw it in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes. Voila. Now you’ve got some low calorie tortilla chips.
Salsa is ultra low calorie. Enjoy!
OR use wholly guacamole 100 calorie tubs

Yeah. I said it.
Use one or two if you want Ole 50 calorie wraps.
30 calorie pizza sauce
Turkey pepperoni
Load it up with vegetables
Load it up with fat free cheese.

Chicken soup
4.5 oz of chicken
90 second uncle bens minute rice (use half container) or Cauliflower rice for even less calories
Chicken powder (weilers or boulion cubes)
460 calories
Use hot sauce to jazz it up

Yep. I said it.
Smart pop. Orville Redenbacher has 100 calorie bags. It keeps you full for a long time because of the volume.
I use regular, unflavored kernels though and I pop it in a silicone thing I got on amazon. I eat popcorn every single day with hot sauce.

Other low calorie options to consider throughout the day

Butternut squash. If you cut and roast this stuff. It’s SO low calorie. And I use it like a dessert. 5oz = 50 calories. Sometimes I throw in sugar free syrup and Splenda maybe add some cinnamon and it tastes like a dessert!

Strawberries. They are SO low in calories. For a good snack, I’ll throw a bunch in a blender with ice and Splenda and it’s the best low calorie smoothie ever!

PBFit is the best peanut butter alternative. If you mix it with water it’s like peanut butter, only 1/4 of the calories.

Hot sauce. Usually no calories
Fat free ranch. 25 calories per 2 tbsp but tastes like shit. Lite ranch is 70 calories per 2tbsp and worth the extra.
Salsa. Usually only 10 calories per 2 tbsp. Partner this with some protein chips and you’ve got a chips and salsa meal with practically no calories and high protein. Or get creative


Greg doucette cookbook?

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Welcome aboard brotha and bravo for sticking to your goals man , much respect :v:


I thought the same… lol.


Haha I don’t have his cookbook but I have watched his videos. Also Remington James is really great as well!!!

He’s got full blown epic recipes on his channel regularly too!

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That’s good stuff bro, we need people like you around. Let’s get it :muscle:

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You made my day brother!!

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