Low test high nor19 is test not the best

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This discussion has been going on at another board and I wanted to ask the members here what they think about running say decca with a trt dose of test or even tren or npp.
The real question being asked by the others is does the test at the cookie cutter 2:1 ratio to the nor19 really cause all the side effects. Is it the test that raises estro creates all the bloat from decca and causes progesterone to rise leading to gyno from the estrogen levels or progesterone levels.
I know members run tren with low dose test because they battle for the same receptors so running higer test in the cycle that would mean alot of test left over to aromatase and cause gyno.
Decca which is run usually with high levels of test then gives you heavy bloat and can cause a man to actually lactate. Is this actually not because of the decca but because of the Testosterone raising estro which then causes gyno then allowing progesterone to rise and cause lactation.
There has been alot of talk lately about stopping the cookie cutter cycles of test and nor19 and actually running just enough test to keep your levels normal and then running the say decca at 600mgs and letting it do all the work in the cycle. This question was interesting to me because I have always been told test is best. We do know though that the old school guys ran cycles like just primo or primo and dbol or even dbol and decca. The original iron guys weren’t using Testosterone in there cycles. I didn’t see the sides that you will see today. This has made me really question is test the best? Or the cause of almost all horrible side effects in most cycles?
I would really like to hear any opinions on this or even if someone has run a no test cycle but included decca and dbol or something similar. What were the sides like did you even need an ai?

This is a very interesting question. I don’t think you should ever not run any exogenous test when cycling due to the fact that AAS causes shutdown. But running a small dosage to keep your test levels to at least normal with higher dosages of other AAS poses interesting possibilities and questions. One of the interesting questions to that becomes whats more important than testosterone to your body to validate using a high dosage of it with a low dose of test compared to a high dosage of test. The reason for that question is a lot of the heavy weights have actually stated stuff like everyone is looking for that magic AAS combo formula for size, when honestly all they need is large doses of testosterone. So this is a very interesting thread with lots of possibilities that I am looking forward to reading some of the answers that are given. Because in the end lets face it all we are doing is one giant experiment where we are the doctor, patient, and nurse all rolled into one trying to figure out what AAS combos, dosages, etc, work best for each of us :wink:

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Its something that really made me think when a member at another board stated this discussion he has actually done a ton of research with references on everything.
A member actually posted bloods while he was running 125mgs of test a wk his trt dose and he ran decca at 600mgs. His blood work showed his estro at 133 which was crazy but he said he didn’t use an ai or any caber prami or anything.
He said that he didn’t experience any gyno symptoms though or progesterone problems. He said that he believes that his massive gains came from being able to run with estro that high.
I could never run my estro that high and I just wanted to say anyone reading this i don’t reccomend it but its a interesting way to maybe do things but everyone is different. You should always have an ai caber or whatever da you use and letrozole on hand if you are gyno sensitive.

I have no experience with deca or tren but I did quite a bit of research about a possible first tren run and different approaches. I found multiple people who really liked their results running trt dose test and a low dose of tren wth it. The first time I run it I’m highly debating keeping my test at 200mg and adding 50mg tren a ed as a first go and that’s it.

I’m very much so a mess is more person when it comes to gear.

i had a real bad experience with deca it actually brought me to the boards. … but i cannot and will not touch it since. … but i have run my tren a , and prop. hogh tren low prop like now. and i have also ran it 1-1. and. no differnce. no ai needed. but.i like low prop high tren.a.

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