Low test levels after 7 months and PCT

Low test levels after 7 months and PCT

Hey guys, I’d like to know what you think about my friend situation and hopefully give me some advices so that I can help him out. I already insulted him so don’t worry about it :sweat_smile: He has run a 6 weeks oral only cycle of winny and a 4 weeks pct afterwords (normal doses of clomid and Nolva). Its been 7 months now and today blood test:
LH 1,6 (1,1-11)
FSH 2,6 (1,7-12)
Total testosterone 2,00 (0-10,3)

He’s been using Cardarine and MK-677 for a month now but I dont even think those are the problem since they do not inhibit test production.
7 months ago he got blood test done after pct and everything was fine of course. Now as you can see he has low test levels.

Any suggestion is much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Age? And past cycle history>

He might just have low T to began with. I can’t imagine a 6 week winny cycle shutting down anyone for that long. I’ve ran heavy cycles of close to 2 grams in anabolics before and came back in my mid 20s.

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Seems like sarms pop up alot with problems


True. My buddy’s wife’s blood work was worse on SARMS than it was on anavar.

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I bet there are so many more bad reviews about sarms.

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