Low Testosterone - What Causes It and What Are The Symptoms

Low Testosterone - What Causes It and What Are The Symptoms

Testosterone deficiency in men has become more prevalent in recent years.

Healthy men continue to produce testosterone throughout their lives, but at a slowly decreasing rate. Young men have high levels of testosterone and older men have lower levels.

Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer or BPH. If testosterone were the cause, young men (who have much higher levels of testosterone than old men) would be suffering from enlarged prostates and prostate cancer. Studies show that older men with the highest level of testosterone have the least prostate enlargement. Conversely, men with the highest level of estrogen have enlarged prostates.

As most men age, the level of estrogens, estrogen look-alikes and xenoestrogen toxins in their bodies rises. Declining testosterone from aging, together with this increasing level of various estrogens, is the most likely cause of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer in men.

Over a third of all men over the age of forty show some symptoms of testosterone deficiency. They are middle aged and older men who have symptoms associated with low testosterone levels but do not have primary or secondary hypogonadism. Their symptoms are often non-specific, and can be further complicated by pre-existing medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes and other chronic illness.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men:
Low energy and lethargy
Loss of head hair and body hair
Muscle strength diminished
Muscle bulk/mass decreased
Insomnia, wakefulness at night
Fat gain mid-section, belly fat
Change of body shape, with increased abdominal fat and rudimentary breast development (man boobs)
Mood changes, ill temper, depression, loss of feeling of well-being and optimism. Poor memory performance
Decreased cognitive status, mental acuity and clear thinking
Lack of focus and attention
Erectile Dysfunction - difficulty getting and maintaining an erection
Low Libido loss of sexual interest
Low sperm count in semen
Osteoporosis or decreased bone mineral density

Causes of / risk factors for low testosterone in men:
Vitamin D Deficiency
Stress – Adrenal Fatigue
Excessive adrenaline production/usage with stress or sports or work
Lack of regular exercise and lack of regular sex. Both these activities help in stimulating the body’s production of its own testosterone.
Pharmaceutical drugs (including glucocorticoids, opiates, anabolic steroids, blood pressure meds, heart meds, antidepressants)
Severe trauma, illness, burns or major surgery
Testicular damage (primary hypogonadism) • Klinefelter’s syndrome (when males have an extra X chromosome)
Cryptorchidism (the absence of one or both testes from the scrotum)
Problems during testis development (twisted or strangulated testes)
Orchitis (inflammation of the testes)
Orchidectomy (testes surgically removed)
Toxic damage (radiation, chemotherapy, industrial or environmental toxins)
Brain disorders (secondary hypogonadism)
Pituitary gland malfunction
Hypothalamus malfunction
Kallmann’s syndrome (genetic disorder of sex glands)
Haemochromatosis (Blood iron excess disorder)
Brain tumor

I got on TRT a few years ago, right around age 40. One day I realized it had been a few month since I was horny or even looked at porn… Not sure if that caused depression or they were all linked, but it wasn’t cool.

Its a real pain in the ass dealing with the Drs. All the ones I have dealt with are shit scared of test levels being anything higher than the low end of average. Add that to the fact that they only want you to inject bi monthly and its enough to make one tear his hair out. Unfortunately if one decides to inject bi weekly it totally throws the “trough” day they do the blood draw off. For example if I was to follow the docs protocol of 200mg every two weeks and came in at the end of the two weeks feeling like shit they would say “oh, looks good! your test levels are at 400” which to me is shit. But if I use 50mg bi weekly it comes back as 600 and they trip out about it being… normal. Absolutely insane. Plus they seem to want to see you all the time, which I just don’t have time for.

My current weekly TRT regimen is:
100mg Test C & 50mg test Prop
50mg Masteron

Adding 100mg deca/wk in September or December, following the pharma regimen for HIV patients.
No I don’t have HIV.


Seems like that’s always the case. A dr that has no clue what they are doing. Glad you’ve done it on your own. I’m lucky to have a good dr.

How do you like adding the mast in?

Mast has been one of my favorite steroids since first trying it. Much of what is out there isn’t masteron though, unfortunately. Mast E is even harder to source legit. No bloating, loads of free test (had bloods done, doc was weirded out by free test levels being so high), and libido through the roof. People running test over 200mg/wk (which is a border line cycle IMO) should try adding a tiny bit of masteron and lowering the test. I did so because my RBC count was high and its back to normal cruising/trt as stated in my above post. My estrogen has not been abnormal in any bloods, even when test levels were around 1500. That is when I concluded cruising on over 200mg test a week isn’t cruising. At over 200mg/wk masteron can be a little greasy, literally can’t go a day without washing my hair or I look like some guido from the 80s.

If you like proviron you will absolutely love masteron! Plus I hate taking pills every day, would rather inject once or twice a week.

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