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Ok everyone, here we go!!
In the original post by asking for a logger, I was 4-6 weeks away from doing a bulker myself using the same exact compounds was asking someone to rep. So, I thought, what the hell, I’ll throw myself in there and not only maybe get some but also a great opportunity for to really show their product. Also, after a 4 year layoff, I’m looking for a good, solid as my old one is just too expensive now.
Why me? I emailed and told them my story. I’ll try to keep it short:
Been using AAS since 1996 off and on doing it the right way, coached by friend who was firefighter/paramedic, and got my gear from a nurse. They taught me right.
Anyway, fast forward to 2014 when I started a nice bulker of 1gm Sust EW kick-start with 50mgs dbol ED first 6 weeks. Cycle ended in November 2014. Ended up 245lbs 18-20% bf.
Then came worse time of my life. Mid December I got pancreatitis for 3rd time. Gall bladder full of sludge and stone. Removed it next day. One week later my common bile duct closed up and I was in worse pain of my life. They had to insert biliary/pt tube in my bile duct with a damn IV bag attached to my hip. Carried it for 9 months all the while having stents put in and out of bile duct hoping it would repair itself. It didn’t. Sept. 15th 2015 had surgery on pancreas to remove some bad spots, chop the closed part of bile duct and attach the two good ends together. It went well but I came out of all this diabetic type 2 and weighing 175lbs.
It’s been a struggle but for last 18 months I’ve been training with cables and bodyweight only using creatine and protein powder along with a good diet. As of today I’m 235lbs and muscle memory has been good to me.
I think I’m primed for a good bulker. I have the knowledge and experience to do it and make the adjustments if need be and I’m sure there will be some as I have lofty goals for this cycle.
So here goes:
I was supposed to run Sust/Deca/Dbol. I got the Sust and Deca but got DHB instead of Dbol. Time to adjust cycle. Never done DHB before so did research and my own trial. I injected 1/2cc DHB yesterday morning and yes, some PIP. On scale of 1-10, I give it a 4. Not too bad. Did the same with the Sust and Deca and happy to report absolutely no PIP.
Knowing this, and being my first cycle back and not wanting any disruption, I’ve decided to run the DHB weeks 9-16. If all goes accordingly, I’ll have some muscle mass, mindset will be fuck everything, I’m hitting the weights like a bat out of hell!
Sponsored Log:
Pinning Schedule is M-W-F
Weeks 1-8
Sust - 500mgs EW
Deca - 400mgs EW
Typical, kinda boring, but like I said; long layoff, good diet, proper rest and good training will produce gains.
Weeks 9-16
DHB - 300mgs EW
Sust - 750mgs EW
Deca - 600mgs EW
Adex - .5 e3d

Lifting Schedule:
2 on 1 off
Chest/Abs/Tri’s (light, high reps)
Back/Calves/Bi’s (light, high reps)
Legs/Calves (Heavy)

Training will go heavy with more PL, Compound exercises weeks 9-16. Not sure yet, will update as I get closer to it.

Diet: Calories in the 3,500-3,900 range for first 8 weeks. May have to adjust.
Weeks 9-16 cals will obviously be increased and will update that as well.
Shooting for 250gms Protein
400-500gms Carbs
Moderatiiiish Fat

I’ll post what I ate each day. Don’t be surprised if you see a Whopper, some Big Mac’s, Buffet’s, Milkshakes, Loaded Pizza’s, etc… in there from time to time. I’ll gain a little unwanted fat but I know how to get it off. Not worried about that.

So, I think that’s about it. Oh, the pics. Going to take progress pics every 3 weeks I think. I will post my beginning pic as well.

And as always, I’m up for constructive criticism. Please tell me your thoughts and where I might be messing up. Or whatever.
Not going to hurt my feelings.

Thanks for reading and hope you follow. And if this log helps someone else here who has or is going thru a rough time physically and doubting whether you can get the fire back and get to the gym, all the better. Do Not Give Up has been my motto for 18 months and I’m about to go the fuck off. You can do the same!

Good Day Everyone and hope to be chatting.



Good luck man. Looking forward to Reading the log.

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I look forward to following your log. Plus im always curious about how the gear is also looking for your reviews.

I might have to change where this is posted. Nothing to worry about I will just move it into the correct category.

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Right on.
Thank you, @n3rd and @Bigmurph!!

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I’ll be following along as well.
Kick ass!

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Get em! Will be cool to follow

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@Ominous @Sig516
Cool. Great to have you have guys on board!


@Dutchpharma hooked u up! I’ll definitely be following


Good luck man!

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@northface384, yes he did! Good peeps over there at @Dutchpharma! I think we’re going to have a nice, long lasting relationship.
@Stratfordave, Thanks, man!! Really appreciate it!

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I will be lurking

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So will that big buck

That’s alright he fuck up eventually, unfortunately it will probably have to be next year

Stoked for this!

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@LowT - I look forward to following your log!!

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Good evening, everyone!
@John @Stratfordave
Hey guys, I want to apologize for not posting pics. You guys are right, pics are essential and I know better. To be perfectly honest, my ego and just selfishness was fuckin with me. So, I’m posting pics at the end of this post. And in the past I’ve posted pics every 3-4 weeks. I’ll do the same here unless maybe go 5-6? Let me know.
Today’s activity:
3:45am: Stumble to espresso and coffee. While waiting…
500mgs Vit C, multivitamin, egg protein shake with 32oz water (28gms protein).
5iu Humalog, 250mgs Sust, 250mgs Deca
(I tried to edit post to include the slin but said couldn’t cause of some link attached. I’m now Type 2 diabetic and taking normal slin dosages except for 10iu post workout)
Double espresso chased with 16oz coffee with milk. Fat Copenhagen dip.
5am: Breakfast
4 whole egg scrambled eggs with melted American cheese
2 cups oats, banana
16oz whole milk
30iu Lantus
Around 7:30am:
Partner brought us 2 sausage, egg and cheese biscuits from Burger King and O.J.
MetRx Bar, diet coke. (30gm protein)
Turkey Loaf sandwich (like meat loaf, I made yesterday), pasta salad, yogurt, 32oz Gatorade.
3:30pm: Pre Workout:
Heavy Weight Gainer Shake with peanut butter and milk and peanut butter and milk.
5gm Creatine
4:45pm: immediately following workout:
10iu Humalog
Heavy Weight Gainer Shake (50 protein, 80 carbs)
5:45pm: Dinner:
2 Turkey Loaf Sandwiches
30iu Lantus
Cottage cheese with pineapple
5iu Humalog
9:30-10:00 PM
2tbs peanut butter
16oz whole milk
Total: 300gms protein (roughly)
450gms carbs (roughly)
Workout: Chest/Tri’s
Flat Bench BB:
Warmup and Stretch (barbell only)
1×20, taking my time to really stretch it out
2×8- increased weight each set
Incline DB Presses
1×4- feeling it!
Flat bench DB Flyes
1×20- light, light weight to burn it up. And it did.
V-bar cable pushdowns:
Straight bar cable pushdowns:
I’m feeling it and it feels good!!
Ok, so here are pics. Sorry, they are not the best. Not used to taking pics of myself. From now on, I’ll grab a buddy at the gym to take a few for me.
Weight at gym: 198.5


Gotta have that Copenhagen supplement


Man, I do @Sig516. Been on that good stuff for years!! You dip, too?

Yep same

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