Major’s (not very detailed) log

Major’s (not very detailed) log

I’m not going to keep a thorough log like last time, but I will update periodically and post bloodwork when the time comes. Today marks the start of week two for this cycle. Here’s what I’m currently running:

Dragon Pharma Test Cyp (250mg/mL) 500mg/week
Dragon Pharma EQ (500mg/mL) 500mg/week
Paramexer HCG 500units/week
All above pinned twice a week (Mon/Thur)
SymBiotecLab Tbol 40mg/day
Arimidex 0.5 mg EOD

I’m also running MIC and NAC liver support. I have Tudca on hand as well.

So far pinning has been smooth with minimal pip. I was wondering if the 500 mg/mL EQ would have any pip but so far it hasn’t.


It sounds like a solid cycle with a good diet and training you will kick ass

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Quick update. I’m coming towards the end of week 5. I think the EQ is kicking in because my appetite is huge. I can definitely see some improvement in the mirror but nothing crazy. I don’t feel any different in the gym but the pump is pretty amazing. I’m assuming that’s the tbol. Vascularity is the biggest difference I’ve seen. I’ve got veins popping out on my shins, quads, and more vascular forearms. Not sure if that’s tbol or EQ. I’m going to run the tbol through next week. Bloods probably in a couple weeks.

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Trying to grow the wheels. Had blood drawn Friday. I’ll post when it comes in.


Same boat man. My legs are definitely lacking in size but I’m hoping that will change with this new program. Nice work.

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Here’s my blood work running Dragon Pharma test cyp and EQ at 500 mg each from pharmacomstore. I tested 1 day after pinning because that’s the only day I could fit it in my schedule. This is also 2 weeks after stopping tbol so I’m glad my liver enzymes weren’t high.

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