Make McSwickles Sexy Again... Nugenix and Taco Bell Log

Hey guys been wanting to run a log for a while, this blast is pretty simple all around! I’m running the Tpp/Npp blend from Gear Church, Test Cyp is from Dbol is Ashop! I’m already two weeks into this blast, I just haven’t had time to start my log!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

  • 1ml Tpp/Npp Blend (125mg)
  • .5ml Test Cyp (125mg)
  • 50mg Dbol PWO
  • 25mg Cialis


  • Deadlifts 2x10, 2x6, 2x4 (315, 405, 455)
  • Squats 1x15, 3x8, 2x4 (225, 315, 365).
  • Leg Presses 4x12, 2x12, 2x8 (4/6/8 per side)
  • Leg Extensions 4x15 (120)
  • Hamstring Curls 4x15 (80)
  • Thigh Abductor 3x15 (100)

30 minutes of cardio!

I’m dropping Dbol at the end of next week, and I’m in the process of trying to get labs scheduled! I will add in Sdrol at some point, but not until I get labs, it will be my first time using it, so I want to make sure I’m good!

Diets 250 protein, 350-400 carbs, 50-75 fats!
This is approximate and I’m not going to be counting macros or calories closely unless I need to! Honestly after last year, losing 70 lbs and counting EVERYTHING, I have a VERY good idea of what maintenance calories look like for me, and as long as I’m growing muscles and not flabby little titties again, I’m on break from the diet log!


How many mgs a week you taking of each?

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Yay superD, I will be following


I’m taking 125mg cyp on Monday and Thursday, for a total of 250mg cyp, and 125mg tpp/npp Monday-Saturday, so 750mg total blend! Altogether 1g of test and 750 npp! If you haven’t tried the tpp/npp blend it is phenomenal! I love the combo!

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@McSwickles you forgot the hip abductor machine where we look deep into each other’s eyes and feel the pump coming as the gains overflow from each of our spirts.


Love following these logs. May have to do one myself in the future


I think we are gonna have to have an intervention with you and that Superdrol have you been snorting it again

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Ha ha I’m about due to run it actually, I’m gonna enjoy my deca for another few weeks then just go test, superD and proviron then pct


Friday, June 5, 2020

  • 1ml Tpp/Npp Blend (125mg)
  • 10mg Aromasin (10mg MWF while using Dbol)

Today was off day, yesterday was day 4, so I took today off and did cardio. I did 45 mins fasted cardio at 8 am on the treadmill at home and hit the heavy bag and did some boxing drills with my wife! Took about 90 mins total! I’ve had one meal, 4 egg whites, 4 turkey sausage, and one shake today, and plan on having dinner when I’m done typing! Dinner will be shredded chicken with salsa, corn and broccoli! I’m looking at 1600 calories or so for the day!

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

  • 1ml Npp/Tpp Blend
  • 50mg Dbol
  • 25mg Cialis


  • Wide Grip Pull Downs 5x15
  • Wide Grip Seated Rows 5x15
  • Meadows Rows (used t-bar machine) 3x20
  • Rack Pulls (from knees) 5x5
  • Bent Over Barbell Rows 4x12
  • Close Grip Pull Downs 4x12
  • Single Hand Reverse Grip Pulldown 4x12
  • Close Grip Seated Rows 4x12
  • Cable Pullovers 4x12

Today was a great day all around! Diet was great I had a good appetite and got in 5 meals and 3 shakes, after such a deficit yesterday the ability to eat well really had me feeling good! There was literally nobody at the gym when I got there and I just went off, I’m really loving this Tpp/Npp Blend from Gear Church! I wanted to keep oil volume as low as possible so tried this blend, and I can say I’m impressed! I’m getting results I’m not used to from Npp such as noticeably increased vascularity, which I’m sure is because of the shorter test ester, but I’m happy with it. For the end of a Dbol kickstart I’m dry as well, like super dry! Strength has plateaued a little, but I’m making up for it in volume and overall intensity! This is shaping up to be my best cycle in a while!


Sunday, June 7, 2020

  • 50mg Dbol
  • 25mg Cialis


  • Incline Smith Machine Press 4x12
  • Incline Dumbell Press 2x12, 1x8, 1x6
  • Dips 3x20
  • Incline Cable Flys 3x20
  • Underhand Cable Flys 3x20
  • Overhand Cable Flys 3x20
  • Pecdeck Flys 3x20

30 Mins Cardio

Today was another great day in the gym, It’s the second day in a row I’ve gone after work and had the place to myself! My appetite was good today and I managed 4 meals and 4 shakes! I weighed in today and I’m sitting at 241, which is a few pounds more than I was hoping, but I’ll have to see where I stand when I drop my Dbol, I know I’m not carrying substantial water weight, but maybe 1-2 lbs, we’ll see this week! Overall still on track to my best cycle in years!


Monday, June 9, 2020

  • 1ml Tpp/Npp Blend
  • 50mg Dbol (last one)
  • 10mg Aromasin
  • 25mg Cialis

Shoulders & Traps

Warm Up with Bands 10 mins
Seated Miltary Smith Machine 3x15
Dumbell Military Presses 4x12
Standing Front Raises 1x25, 2x20,1x10
Face Pulls 3x20
Rear Delt PecDec 4x25
Seated Side Lateral Raises 2x20,1x12,1x10
Seatbelts 3x12
Barbell Shrugs 4x20
Trap Bar/Hex Bar Shrugs 4x15

Walked 20 minutes on treadmill, slowly, and mostly for the view!!!

Last dose of Dbol, time to let this Tpp/Npp shine! I’ve ran dbol/Npp test together many times, it’s a very basic stack, this time for some reason, I’m starting to think it’s the shorter test ester, my mood, and my overall sense of well-being is through the roof! The intensity and duration of my workouts have increased significantly! Also my wife’s getting a little roast beefy, which is fine because when I looked down and it looks like someone blew up Arbys, it’s a nice little ego boost!! Diet was good yesterday had 4 meals & 4 shakes! I’ve got leg day this evening and then I will probably take a rest day!


Way to hit it mcsickles! Both the gym and your wife!

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Haha thanks bro!

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I’ve ended up having to pull a couple last minute doubles at work, so I didn’t train yesterday, and probably won’t train tomorrow either. Today on the other hand I had the opportunity to work out with a good friend who played some pro ball and now works to develop college athletes, so when he asks to workout I’m always excited knowing he’s really gonna push me! I always end up learning a lot and today was no exception! He wanted to train shoulders and even though I just did shoulders I was like fuck it let’s get it!

I pinned 1ml Tpp/Npp blend both yesterday and today!

Superset (10 reps, 3 cycles)

  • Standing Overhead Press
  • Side Lateral Raises w/ Dumbells
  • Front Raises w/ Dumbells
  • Steering Wheels w/10 turns
    Superset (10 reps, 3 cycles)
  • Hammer Strength ISO Shoulder Press
  • Dropsets Lateral Raise Machine (8/8/6/6)
  • Rear Delt Pec Deck
  • Behind the Back Side Raises
  • Assisted Pull UPS
    Superset (10reps, 3 cycles)
  • Upright Rows
  • Uppercut Press (movement was like an uppercut punch)
  • Front Raises w/ Barbell

20 minute walk on treadmill

This was brutal, my shoulders are still burning lol!

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Yesterday had to be an off day because of work. I did legs today, diet has been good with 4 meals and 3 shakes!


  • Squats 2x10, 5x6
  • Leg Press 2x20, 3x15, 1x5
  • Seated Quad Extensions 4x20
  • Thigh Abductor 4x20
  • Standing Hamstring Curls 4x20
  • Calf Raises 2x30

30 mins cardio

Couple days now since dropping dbol and I’m still waiting for strength or endurance to suffer, it hasn’t yet! I’m getting a little pip from the blend, nothing major, but some tightness and slight discomfort! With that said I may switch to pinning 2ml MWF, I’m gonna give it another week and see! The last few bottles of NPP have done it, I thought it was possibly the quality of gear at first, because I started with some I had from a previous cycle, but this makes like 4 bottles from 4 different sponsors, so like I said it’s not bad, but it’s a little uncomfortable! I think the blend from GC is amazing and I’m loving the results! It’s worth the slight pip for sure!

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Have you been pinning 2ml? I get pip if I don’t use a 1.5" needle.

I get lazy sometimes and dont practice proper technique just wipe pull pin

No I use 25x1 for quads/delts, and 25x1.5 for glutes. I’ve been pinning 1ml this whole time!

My techniques pretty good, over the years I’ve rarely gotten pip.

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