Masteron use. Is 3-4 weeks enough

Thoughts on Masteron? Cycle duration and think you’ll notice anything in 3-4 weeks. I’m very lean, clean diet and currently on test,npp, primo. Wasn’t sure I’d mast would get me even tighter?
Thank you in advance


I love it, E, not P…and I will use it all cycle, I’m quite lean, naturally, and mast works well with me.

If you want it to work quickly Mast P would be the right option but 4 weeks is pushing it. 6 to 8 weeks would be ideal.

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Yes, you should see the hardening after the first pin. I’m personally more of a fan of proviron if that’s all you want.

Yeah I was just looking to see if I could get a bit harder. I’m a performance athlete, Olympic lifter but still a closet bodybuilder at heart. I’m 5-6 190 at about 7%.

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Olympic lifter? Closet bber? So, you have the big legs but bigger arms too. Most Olympic lifters have small arms IMO. Mast p for 4 weeks added in would help your cosmetic look. At 7%, you can look harder.

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Lol massive legs but smaller arms yet powerful all the way through.

At 7%, mast or proviron should give you the hardening effect. Sounds like you’re massive and lean man, throw up some pics if you feel up to it bro

The hardening after a single pin huh, maybe I need to get the mast your using

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Certainly not a bodybuilder anymore but not bad for 46.


Looking solid dude, mast p should definitely help. You’re lean enough to see the effects in a short period, it’s also not uncommon to run mast p for 4-6 weeks.

Thanks brotha

You will enjoy the mast I am using mast E and proviron I really enjoy it

Thanks, I’ve never used either

I hadn’t used either til I got to this forum and it mountainman(RIP) introduced me to mast and proviron and I use them every cycle

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Good to know. Do use them together or either or?

Man it’s the most awesome “good feeling” combination. Mast and Proviron will have you looking hard and you’ll feel amazing too. Not to mention you’ll fuck like a pornstar


Both my friend.

I don’t know about all that good feeling stuff, but how I look on it is outfuckingstanding, right now I’m using 40mg proviron per day split up 20/20 and 400mg mast e per week

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I always feel great using Mast man. Maybe it’s because I look so damn good hahahaha