Masteron vs. Primo during cruise?

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Hey guys I just wanted to hear on some of your thoughts on running primo or masteron during a cruise. Which would you prefer? Pros and cons on either? Currently I might be leaning towards masteron for simply it’s anti e properties. Also I would like to state I never used primo and this would be my first time around with this compound if I choose that route. Thanks for any input fellas and I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2019!

I’ve never run primo but I’ve run Mast and I love it. I think it would be a great addition to a low dose cruise. I have been considering DHB as part of a cruise myself. The only reason I could say primo would be a better choice is because of it’s immune boosting capabilities. Mast has the anti-e benefits, as you mentioned so it could save your liver from having to run an AI. DHB or Primo would be both great for holding onto those lean gains inbetween blasts. Just a few different thoughts on choices and reasoning.

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Hmmmm… DHB,I’m going to look into that, sounds interesting during cruise.

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I’ve been running DHB from a source not yet here and it’s been phenomenal for lean muscle growth, vascularity and just in general feeling good. I think 100mg to 200mg with 200mg Test would make for a hell of a nice combo to cruise on in between blasts. I would guess it would be very similar to Primo at nearly half the cost.

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I really like the sounds of that. Do you experience any sides from the DHB? I have never ran this compound either, but like you said at half the price of Primo this will definitely be in my top 3 for an addition to my cruise.

I have had some night sweats and a little more sweating during the day at times. Not like Tren or anything crazy but it does have some thermogenic effect similarly to Tren. I would also note that I’ve been running it upward of 600mg for most of this blast. Otherwise I have experienced 0 bad sides from it.

Nice brotha thanks a bunch!

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Why are you wanting to run either of those on a “cruise”. A cruise is meant to be the least amount of compounds as possible. If not just run a normal cycle

What there describing is a new kind of cruise where you run your trt dosage maybe a little more and then add in another compound low dose to help “BRIDGE” the cycles.
The problem is that they stopped using the word bridge and just started using cruise but that’s all it really is. A bridge


Oh these kids they think there is something new invented or some new awesome stack or cycle and they will get huge. Listen to lee priest sometimes he will tell you. Guys bridge cruise whatever there is nothing new. The purpose of lower your test levels is to free up receptors that get burnt out during heavy cycles once you do w low does for certain amount of time your receptors will respond much better. I’m only running 200mg enth since my show no mast no primo no tren. Keep it simple


Exactly you being a pro of course run more than me but that’s all you want or need.
Once you add more than test its just a low dose cycle which I have done in the past.
It doesn’t work well unless it is gh.

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First off not a pro yet lol. Second I promise you I run way less than you do. See the problem is people think more is better when in actuality less is more. See even you think you have to run more to be big just isn’t the case bro. That’s the thinking people like Bostin Llyod has people thinking.


In all honesty even without a pro card you are a pro in my book because you are way above my level.
I agree 100% on the less is better approach I run low testosterone doses because I don’t believe that I need a really heavy amount.
The higher the dose the worse the side effects and in almost every compound you can get the same gains using a certain dose alot of compounds have what I will call a ceiling dose. The point where using more hurts you rather than helps you.

Eat big get big
Inj alot of gear get big side effects
The key to life and aas compounds and running gear is moderation for some its higher some its lower but it doesn’t have to be a “off the wall dose” or even a crazy stack like you stopped me from using lol
Test primo decca lol
I don’t know what I was thinking lol

My point is I couldn’t agree with you more about this

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Im all about less is more as well. I’m looking to add a compound like masteron at a minimal does during cruise basically to preserve lean muscle and also it’s anti e properties. As well as to stay nice and tight, I know diet plays a big role in that aspect

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My training partner basically runs test prop and master ace in a (quasi) cruise year round. 250 mg total each per week, M—W—F schedule. I would argue he is actually staying on cycle … but to each their own. Anyway, it works for him and his weight stays between 200-205 lean year round… as he is not looking to add size, simply refine. He has noted that staying on master for a long time has negatively effected his hair line, not sure if that’s a concern!


I would recommend proviron 50mg split or even more if you would like.
I believe that it is a much better choice.
Mast isn’t bad either but you are in fact by “definition” running a cycle.
I wouldn’t worry about it to much because I run almost year round taking testosterone low dose and proviron. I was going to try running primo low dose with the test but I don’t believe unless I was cutting it would be worth it


It’s more diet and training. People these days are lazy when it comes to training. Not saying you are it’s just in general. People like to go easy when off cycle. You should actually Tari. The same and you won’t lose shit. I hate hearing that excuse oh I’m off cycle I’m losing muscle. Train hard guys quit relying on drugs.


So true
Keep eating and you will keep gaining especially if you’re pct was successful if not then just keep using clomiphene and it will keep your levels up


How does Proviron affect the hairline? The only problem with mast for me is it really stresses my hairline, even when I run a cut I try to use minimal doses for this simple reason.

I’ve never seen proviron affect hair thinning in me. Higher dosages of primo did for me.

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