McGregor gets his belt taken

McGregor gets his belt taken

I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on McGregor having his belt stripped…They wait until he DESTROYS Alarez…wins the lightweight belt making an incredible moment of history in the UFC …and is "rewarded"by getting his belt stripped…And then they GIVE IT…to a man he took it from in 13 seconds…just gave it to him…Jose Aldo…also made history…by being the only fighter to “win” a belt without fighting someone for it…how could he even have any pride walking around with a belt he didn’t win? UFC has become a fucking Circus…

UFC is a fraud now. Its nothing like it was meant to be. Back when the Gracies were in it they were good. It was about talent vs talent. Now its no better then wrestling where its only about shows and shit. Back when I was still fighting they could care less about talented someone was. More about how much showmanship or flash appeal they had to the public. The only ones I really like nowadays is the Diaz brothers. They got talent and try to keep to real most of the time but they still get screwed over.

Conner is great and he earned that belt and they shouldnt have just handed it over until Conner was ready to no longer fight. But the main issue with him having two belts is that he now wants nearly a year off from fighting and theres no way UFC would go a year without holding 2 division title fights. They want the money from promoting a title card for sure.

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