Medi tech

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Has anyone heard of this

I’ve been looking online but all I see is is this real or fake on google. Figured I’d ask hee

I’ve checked the website and it keeps saying not recognized so not sure if I’m entering the codes wrong or if it’s fake. I purchased from etalaze. I ordered black dragon pharm. they sent me wrong stuff I emailed them multiple times no response. Think I’ll just charge it to the game.

Never heard of them

I have seen medi tech around for years usually for some reason with bioniche. I’ve ordered from etalaze years ago and I think they are too touch and go.

Yeah I’m not even gunna chance it. I got plenty of gear. Just kinda pissed I was expecting black dragon pharma test e. Won’t ever order from them again.

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@Bigmurph check into this when you get a chance

I finally got. Message from them last night. They offered me 500 reward points. And swear that it’s legit. I told them about the website and how the two codes don’t work. They said there is no way it’s not real.

Yeah thats not good enough IMO. You asked for a different product and got a replacement one that doesnt verify. I just tried to verify it myself and changing the the letter O and number zero out several different ways and says the serial no does not match. IF the product verified I can say it would be acceptable maybe but even then not fair to @Mrbell87. I mean the website of the lab states this:

I personally wouldn’t take it if it doesn’t verify. If there’s an issue with that then thats between @ETALAZE and whoever they are getting the product from.

@ETALAZE @Bigmurph

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Ya I tried that lab website multiple times. Thought maybe I was reading the codes wrong. I asked for the correct product and didn’t receive a response until I told them it was fake gear. Then I finally got a response back

Etalaze is already gone because they went back to their old ways


Well as it looks on this product hes selling fake gear. If he doesnt make it right need to call him out on that so everyone knows and I’ll handle SEO on it.

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I will move them to the source Hall of Shame


Good brand when is real… see couple fake from East Europe… code no work is fake …

I have bunch of anavar for sell… also used personaly now 100mg ed…

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Those pictures are beautiful

I’m really sorry, I thought you checked it and my finger slipped and entered the code.

If you do not trust me, copy paste these code:

(it is capital i beside the Q2)

It is valid. And did you enter the website ?
The website you post looks different.

These QR codes are intended for 1 use only, and the next time someone checked it, it will appear as already checked. As for your case really sorry.

I checked three different websites. I will email them an apologize. But I checked multiple times

Ok you are correct and now I feel like a total dick head. I will email them Ana apologize. I tried 3 different websites and used the same code in all three. @Bigmurph @TrenGod I’d like to apologize I guess I was wrong checking the codes. I’m sorry for caused get the trouble.

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Thank you for letting me know. I tried multiple sites and used the code and tried the codes capitalized and not.

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Yeah they got you on that one I need to write Kyle and apologize myself.
I just went back and checked and on the bottle all the letters are caps.

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