Medlabgear comes through again

Once again not a sponsor but a great friend of our community who I personally think is the best. They say that they have 2 day shipping there liars lol it comes in 1 day.
I just wanted to thank VAL and the whole team for another great fullfilled order.
I got some excel 3ml 100 22g 1 inch with needles to pull and I already had 200 1.5inch 25g from my last order.
I also got 100 1 inch 25g bd precision glide pins there worth the extra money.
I got my disposable container please be responsible with disposal of your needles.
VAL always gives me surprises this time I got some 1inch bd precision glide barrels and pins. Ive been wanting to try the barrels for awhile and of course sense I go through so many alchol pads there were 200 thrown in.
I can’t reccomend or say anymore if you order from them which im sure 90% already do. The other 10% though I can tell you that they have everything and anything that you could ever need and I haven’t seen the drone yet but alot of us vets believe that they definitely have to deliver by drone lol.

A little less than $40 no discount thats a great price for my order and I will always use them.

Give them a try and tell them in your order notes that they should become a sponsor at we would love to have them as part of the community.


Thanks @Bigmurph I have yet to use them, I just might in the near future!

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These guys are always on point. They do usually have a 10-15% off code too right? Or did they get rid of it?

Like them also :slight_smile: , very good service.

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Im not sure but you can find promos now and then. Also they love to add little gifts

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If Bigmurph vouches from them then they are a friend of mine as well. Will def be giving these guys a try next time i need some pins.

I have used them several times and they are very good people who got out of there way to help all there customers

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Bigmurph suggested them to me during my first cycle after he found out I was using 22g harpoons to pin with. Since then I’ve ordered 3 times from and even during a holiday I still received that pack in 4 days. The other 2 packs in under 3 days. Very discreet as well and I won’t even bother ordering or looking elsewhere. Prices are outstanding! Thanks again Murph for turning me on to these guys! Outstanding service and delivery speed is unparalleled, Amazon can’t even compete with the delivery speed!


Thats great Pastor makes me happy to hear for you bro! Retaining as much gains as possible while minimizing fat gain is the nane of the game during any transitional period like from blasting to cruising. I personally taper my dosage down slowly and eliminate all anabolics until im at my cruising dosage for test only. That way i give my body adequate time to adjust without causing it any undue stress or shock. My diet is ever changing as I monitor it weekly making adjustments as needed to maintain my size and my level of leanness.

They carry everything thats my main reason for using them. I hate before them having to use 3 different sites to get bac water ,pins,disposal equipment. They also have every carrier oil you could want. The list is enormous lol.

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