Member of the Month August sponsored by Laser Pharm

Member of the Month for August sponsored by

Member of the Month is a competition that we have at ugmuscle for the end of the year and we have a couple of sponsors who take care of the winners with the sponsors choice of prize.

Every month heading into the end of the year will have a different competition and that means free gear for the rest of the year who doesn’t want that :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

This contest starts August first you win by writing new topics and writing articles about anything related to bodybuilding lifestyle, or diet, exercise , or anything related to health and wellness.

Lets start writing those new topics and also helping the newer guys towards their goals also helps. Me and @TBU will make the decision because it can be multiple people close together and it definitely lasts the whole month everything from tomorrow until the end of August.

I thank all our sponsors but especially for this month I appreciate @LaserPharm for sponsoring this month.

Thanks to everyone @members @UGMain @LaserPharm @staff



What do we need to do to enter for the win?


Dance off!!!


Every member of ugmuscle is entered automatically.
You just have to participate more than everyone else basically to win brother


@Bigmurph @TBU - awesome!! Thanks admin for all you do!! This is great thanks for bring this back…



I love it lol


This is awesome. Thanks @LaserPharm what a great way To increase quality engagement on the site.


May the games begin gentlemen, best of luck to you all.



Thank you. @LaserPharm
And UG staff


Look no further, your winner is here haha lol I like the dance off idea👍


Damn awesome of you @LaserPharm of doing this

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Thanks @LaserPharm. Sweetness!!! How do we win??? Really !!!

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Just keep doing what your doing I guess I’m not goi g to change a thing about how I interact here I either Am
Worthy as me or not


I think Rusty’s the winner.

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um er that looks to be a popular caption the snoopy one, not meaning to be disrespectful however i don’t get it ?, Dont sweat it bcause i am usually the last one in the class , I guess i am just rather droll, No not a troll but just droll, I can remember once i did laugh i was the only one laughing when my neighbours wooden clothes line burned down with 1/2 the back yard, i could not help myself, A t the time
I was visiting my 3rd wife in Leeds UK this was just before we became married, She had two children each to a different father, Joanne and Kyle, Jo’s father was a taxi driver, and Kys was a soldier at catterick ,
Kyle and i used to lock Joanne in the boot of my Cortina ( a Ford ) she could take it she was about 8 yo, me and Kyle used to love to stir her.
I used my status as an Australian resident to have all the family my new wife also Joanne to migrate from UK to AU …
After leaving Darwin me the missus Kyle and Joanne moved and rented a large sunny Queenslander wooden house with space underneath, this is where i had to tap into the upstairs telephone line because Joanne now a teen had become very rebellious she had a very streetwise GF and i was forced to listen in to Jo’s snooty
conversations whenever she hogged the telephone, i only had to pass wind only the once into the earpeice Yes Jo Jo had become a sneaky lil vixen however i was more sneaky
All that was over 30 yrs ago and in this time i have seen my ex missus once or twice, Oh she did re marry he was a nice guy but the marriage only lasted a few months, he just doted on the children however he may not have consumed the marriage, I could have gladly shown him how it was done.
I forgot to mention that i was a real root rat, not so much nowdays,

The Test no ester really helps me keep him in his willy warmer, also i have no other options,

Oops i have since remarried she is my 4 th wife she is a most loving person, however out side of my willy warmer in this part of the country surrounding my muscularity there is a drought a serious drought
i try not to think about it the drought that is, at least i am saving a heap on tadalifil, Vidalista to be precise, Not that i need it . Penis Jims


Why do you think I am the winner? I just started here. Thanks for thinking of me but I am green bro. At least compared to all you veterans!!

Ya bro. Me too!!

How did you get that pic of my thunder?


Great promo. Thanks everyone.

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