MENT; NPP; Mast P; Tren Ace; Stanolone; Test P

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It’s time to start planning my fall-winter cycle. The cycle will feature three phases, namely, two mass gaining phases, and a finishing/hardening phase. The first 8 weeks, i will be running MENT with a small amount of test e (spilling over from cruising but lowering the dose to about 100-150mg per week). I will start MENT at 25mg per day and slowly ramp the dose to 50mg per day depending on any negative E2 side effects, as MENT is known to result in wild E2 elevation. AI & DA as needed. I don’t know what to expect, but anecdotal reports suggest good to spectacular gains. I’ll see how it works with my system.

The second phase will be 8 weeks (maybe 10). It too is for the purpose of gaining mass with the intent on lean tissue gains and for marinating the likely gains from MENT. Masteron Propionate will begin on week 5 of the second phase and continue until week 20. NPP will be dosed at a true 600mg/week (accounting for ester weight), test prop will be 840-1000/week, and mast prop at 700/week. AI and DA assumed.

The final phase will be tren ace, test prop, and mast p ( mast p until week 4 of the third phase) then finishing with 4 weeks of stanolone at 700mg/week. Tren at 525-700 per week, test p at 350-500 per week. AI and DA assumed.

There is a very slight chance that i will use a GDA in the 2nd phase. I’m still in the research phase in this regard.

Diet too is still in the works. I have first see what my body composition lands in two or three weeks.

This is going to be 24 weeks long. I would like to top out at 230 lbs with the intent to have a stage weight of roughly 210-215. I am currently 207lbs as of last night. Caliper measured bodyfat at 7.2%, but i honestly believe its in the mid to upper 8%.

Feedback invited :slight_smile:

I like this. Your final phase is my go to. Id be interested in following a log of this if you can. I may do another bulking phase but not until December thru February.

I would love to run a log here. Im not sure how i will do it tho. Maybe a cycle log section (like the “other” board has, or something like that) could be created here if possible. It would be an awesome feature.

Im trying to get a plan together of how the cycle logs section will be. I don’t want to do the spreadsheet style but it might be the best way. I admit it might be a little while before its put together but we will have a solid cycle section. I also want to create a member picture section where members can update there pictures as they make progress.

The spreadsheet model is pretty cool, tho not necessary. Whats more important is that the most current post is at the top of the thread in my opinion. That way the reader can follow the progress as the cycle progresses.

:grin::grin::grin::grin:ohhhhhhhh my! Can’t wait to follow this!!!

i know you love your mast , im liking this espicially the finishing touch. …myself. ment totaly threw me for a spin. …im not use to fucking with a ai. and as you all know i was chasing it. on ment. …

i like my tren a and prop. thats me im back on and in 4 days loving it. …i know in another week ill start the sweats and insomnia. …

ill be watching your progress with the ment. and your ai level ect.

Im thinking more of an individual topic for each you would create your topic log. Then you can pick the log you want to see and it would have the log and updates at the top and then pictures before after and during and then the critique comments below that.

Lets test drive the idea. Its a wide open canvas man. Create your picture :blush:

It should be interesting. I have a pretty good stockpile of AI and caber too. Stanolone coming this weekend :wink:

One of these days you should throw some mast p im the equation. Works great with tren and prop, stuff would good with fuckin oatmeal, or cottage cheese. Marinate a steak in it if u ask me! Yummy goodness :tongue:

im in :slight_smile: dont take much to convince me.

Right on. On the wings of two ravens shall a gift be sent :wink:

and one can be seen in my avatar. the other is on the other shoulder. ty my friend.

Thats the problem im not very creative but its ok thats why we have @TrenGod and also for his gear knowledge but I could swear tren is a genius for real.

I have ideas floating around in my head. Once they coagulate, i put them out there if you like. A place that stays on top with the cycle layout for an opening statement (goals, diet plan etc) would be cool, almost compulsory.

This is my thought also someone clicks on your log which is basically pinned to the top.
Anything below ideas

What often sucks about cycle logs is that most never even complete it. Incomplete logs should be removed, but some incentive for maintaining and updating at least every week would be cool. At the other site, i would plus one anyone who updated because i wanted to inspire updates. I was tired of blank logs, especially after helping someone with diet plans and cycle planning. Fuck, at LEAST wtite something once in awhile. Sheesh. People just want to push gear in and become arnold over night. Effort people, come on now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I agree our cycle logs should be updated no less than 2wks through the cycle with pics and commentary

Pics can be optional perhaps, some folks are shy, or have tattoos that may be readily recognized. Security stuff i suppose

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